Step 5: Making the Mustache

ch 16
(You will be working the following row in each stitch across)
sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next st, dc in next st, 3tr in next stitch, dc next stitch, hdc in next st, sc in next st, sl st in next st, sc in next st, hdc in next st, dc in next st, 3tr in next stitch, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sc in next st.

Working on opposite side of work in the open chains, 2sc in corner, sc in each chain until you get to the Tr stitch, 3hdc opposite tr stitch, sc in each chain until you get to the next Tr stitch, 3hdc in tr, sc to end of mustache. Finish off. Leave a long tail to sew to beard-hat.
I LOVE this!!! I&nbsp;modified mine to have a pointy beard. AWESOME!<br />
<p>wut awesome!</p>
I love the way this turned out. Check out http://taraduff.etsy.com version -- She knits the hat and then crochets the beard. I love hers the best so far. (as far as bearded hats go) I haven't made one of these since 2008 when the original was designed. :)
Hi! I learned to crochet just to make this hat, its awesome! I made a slightly different mustache, and didn't sew it on, but attached it with buttons. I took it on a long snowhike and thought a detachable mustache would be more convenient.<br />
Love this picture!
do you have the pattern you used for your mustache? it looks so cool and puffy!<br />
I just googled 'crochet mustache' and searched around a bit. I think this is the one I used: <a href="http://suggarcoatedlies.blogspot.com/2009/01/crochet-mustache-pattern.html" rel="nofollow">http://suggarcoatedlies.blogspot.com/2009/01/crochet-mustache-pattern.html</a>&nbsp;(but with thicker yarn, so it turned out a bit larger).
I finished two of these, one following the pattern exactly (which ended up too small) I imagine my problem was the weight of the yarn I used. My second one I used the same yarn but added some more increases till the hat fit me nicely, I then changed yarn to a different color and weight for the beard. I think it turned out nicely. (oh and I changed the moustache to something that fit my face)
You did a super job. I love the change in color to the beard.
<p>I'm making this! I think my mustache part will have a tuckable fold to cover my nose. I may line it with a soft cloth at certain points as well for wind protection.</p>
<p>I'm making this! I think my mustache part will have a tuckable fold to cover my nose. I may line it with a soft cloth at certain points as well for wind protection.</p>
you can buy one called &quot;the beardo&quot;
But wheres the fun in that?
Every time I try to make the hat part it ends up to small!!! It could be the size of the yarn, but it seems close to what you have... What should i do!?!?
Here is another beard hat pattern<br><br>http://miraclecamplife.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/help-miracle-camp-from-your-couch/
I wore mine on the driving range when my golf class was out on a particularly chilly day! Got some funny looks (since it's pretty obvious I'm a woman) but my face was a lot warmer than everyone else's!
i keep ending up with 8 more stitches than i need after i finish second row no matter how many times i retry.. When i'm supposed to have 36 stitches i end up with 42.. what did i do wrong??
I'm going to be updating this pattern. It has been years since I did the original. I'll have to make it as I wrote it and then see where it is that people get stuck. thanks for letting me know. I do have a site www.squidoo.com/freemustachehatpattern that has links to alternate patterns - scroll down to the bottom.
Check out the foldaway beard hat (beard) from beardowear.ca<br>
Awesome - Love it. I'm loving all these cool new beard hats - there is a lady on etsy that sells a really cool dread beard.
Awsome! I will get on this right away. My son plays hockey and will love having a hat with a built in &quot;playoff beard&quot;.
Because i have ten days to do this before chirstmas, and i have to make four, and i have no idea how to knit, i'm going to try and adapt it to a sewed hat from T-shirts.<br>Any suggestions?
My 18 year old son said he had seen a crocheted hat with a mustache and wanted to know if I could make it. Using your pattern, it only took a little while to complete. It turned out great! I'm going to attempt to make his girlfriend one with cat ears and whiskers, in Hello Kitty colors.Thanks for the pattern.
this thing is fan-freakin-tastic. and with the latest obsession of beard/moustache items in my friends, this definitely tops it all. keep up the awesomeness.
This is the coolest hat!! I love it! I'm in the process of making it for my boyfriend. At the start of the month he wanted to do No Shave November, but his beard grows in patchy, and instead of filling in, it just gets long. It's weird, so he shaved. So as a joke I'm making this for him.<br> <br>Anyway, I got to the end of round 15, and for some reason my hat is TINY! It hardly fits my head, I thought I had done everything right, and i've been crocheting for over a year so I thought I knew what I was doing. Any suggestions? My guess is maybe I somehow screwed up with the &quot;sl st to first dc made&quot; parts. Also, i'm doing srtipes, would that mess anything up at all? Thanks!
What type of yarn did you use? When you were making the circle did it get larger as you went along or did it curl up early on? Either of these would make for a smaller hat than the one pictured. You hook size could also cause a smaller hat. <br><br>Strips shouldn't effect the size at all.
I forget what the yarn is, but no the hat didn't curl up, it got bigger as I went. I ended up adjusting the pattern and I was able to make it fit, but I basically only used the first three rows of this pattern. Also, i've been having trouble understanding the mustache part of the pattern so i just found another one to use.
Excellent info, thanks! Here's a great website that offers tons of FREEcrochet patterns: http://www.freecrochetpattern.weebly.com
lol want wun <br>
Seeing the idea for this hat made my day. Actually making it has made my week :) I added a pom pom to give the top a little character. Thanks so much for writing this instructable!<br />
A pom pom would be great! Maybe I'll do that? hmmm
This is awesome cool!&nbsp; I linked to it today on Dabbled.org.<br /> <br /> thanks!!<br />
Thanks a bunch.
I just finished making a hat for my brother for his birthday... I love this pattern!&nbsp;I had to add increases in places, because of the yarn I used, and the fact that my brother has a bigger head than I do, haha. Anyways when I give it to him I'll post the picture for you to see!! Thanks!<br />
Would love to see the picture.
I just finished this. It turnned out great! Awesome Instructable!
Would love to see how yours turned out.
awesome!&nbsp; i'm gonna make one!!!&nbsp; <br /> <br /> how many balls of wool do i need?<br />
Depends - In the sample I used 1 skein of redheart super saver or for the white one 1 skein of homespun.
Oh my......this is great.&nbsp; We have photo radar in AZ...... :)<br />
Superb!<br /> Someone should make this and send it to Ctfxc (youtube him/them if you don't know)<br />
definetly! CREEPY&nbsp;MUSTACH&nbsp;PORN!!!!
Well I hope you know I'm talking about the earlier ones, I think I posted this BEFORE he shaved the movember beard into a porn stache.<br /> Though I think the video was called creepy mustache day...<br />
I love this. Every time I try and print the instructions, Firefox crashes. what am I doing wrong?
&nbsp;your're using firefox :P only joking, i had the problem i tried clearing the cache and &nbsp;it seemed to help otherwise i used IE i mix an match :)
LOL. Very Funny.
I absolutely love this, and will be making four for my skier brothers and dad. I think yours looks neater than the original, with the round top and funny mustache.
Finally finished and now look like a unshaven nerd. But not that that's a bad thing ;-)
i'm making this in maille. that's cool every day.
What about a white one for Santa?

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