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For your next t-shirt reconstruction, shake things up a bit with a 70s-inspired crocheted neckline! Take a trip with Threadbanger to visit Cal of Hodge Podge and learn how to do this unique craft! For more details, watch the video, and for more DIY style, subscribe to Threadheads on iTunes!

Old t-shirt
Tiny steel crochet hook (usually for lace/doilies)
Size E crochet hook
Needle with a large eye

In order to do this project, you need to know the basics of crocheting! Wanna learn? Check the How to Crochet instructable, blog, or video :)
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Step 1: Creating the String

Picture of Creating the String
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**If at any point you run out of string, take a new strand and layer the beginning part on top of your ending string. You will crochet with this double string for a little bit, until the old piece completely ends.**

Cut a big scoop neck into the shirt. The piece you cut out of the neck you will use to cut into scraps and string.

Take an oval shape, and cut a skinny strip (about 1/4 inch) in a spiral around the oval until you reach the center.

Wind your strip of string into a ball, stretching it slightly as you do so.

Step 2: Crochet the First Row

Picture of Crochet the First Row
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Make a slip knot in your string and put the loop on your tiny steel crochet hook.

Take the hook and poke it about a 1/4 inch into the neckline edge of the t-shirt.

Make a single crochet stitch.

Do 6 chain stitches, then move an inch over and poke into the shirt again.

Repeat the crochet pattern of a single stitch, 6 chains, and poke a hole until you've gone all the way around the neckline.
kalshami1 year ago
so cute. thank you
iamaqtpoo1 year ago
Soooo cool, thank you so much for your effort on making this great 'ible!!! :)M
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SuzyMac6 years ago
This is so fantastic! I am always hacking up t-shirts and I love to crochet. You are brilliant. I love the lavender shirt you are wearing in the photo. Is that crochet as well?