Introduction: How to Crochet a Six Petal Flower (size: Big)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for stopping by =)

My name is Edgar(a.k.a. Garo) and i love to share with you free crochet patterns (which hopefully they can be very helpful to you =D)

In today's video tutorial, i'm gonna show you how you can easily crochet a Six Petal Flower. This flower is super easy to make and in a few steps you're gonna have a beautiful applique to use in your projects, crocheted or not yey! ^_^

I hope that you feel as excited as me and let's begin!

By the way, don't forget to have a nice day!! =D

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* Yarn or Thread(your favorite, you can use two or one color, in the picture i'm using Pink and Yellow)

* Crochet Hook (recommended for your yarn or thread)

* Tapestry needle(pointless) (to finish off)

* Cup of coffe or tea and cookies (this is optional but it can be very relaxing while you're crocheting the flower ^_^)


seamster (author)2015-05-08

Nice! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

Hi Seamster! =)

Thank you for the nice comment ^^ ... keep having a great day! =D

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