How to Cure Hiccups





Introduction: How to Cure Hiccups

Since the beginning of man people have tried a variety of methods to cure hiccups. In this instructable I will list several cures which if followed correctly should cure you!

Step 1: Eating Sugar

This might just be my favorite cure. All you have to do is swallow a spoonful of dry sugar and your hiccups should be cured!!!

Step 2: Drinking From the Opposite Side of the Glass

This one can be a little tricky but once you get the hang of it you'll be using it again and again! First fill a glass with water then place your mouth on the far side of the glass tip your head over and try to drink all the water. Emphasis on "try."

Step 3: Hold Your Breath

This one is really quite simple, just hold your breath for 30 seconds or so then slowly let it out. The picture below is not me it is someone I know.

Step 4: You Still Have the Hiccups!!!

If you have tried all of these and still can't get rid of your hiccups then I can't help. Maybe you should just sign up for Guinness Book of World Records. Who knows, maybe you'll win!



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    If you're at a bar (or happen to have lemons and bitters at home), this works great. I keep bitters around for this very purpose. Place a few dashes of aromatic bitters and about a tsp of sugar on the same side of one-quarter of a lemon. Put the lemon in your mouth sugar with the bitters and sugar touching as much of your tongue as possible. Close your mouth until your hiccups subside. It does work more often than not. This other trick is less pleasant: Inflate your lungs and keep inflating them without exhaling (much) until the spasm stops. My wife (a bonafide physician) can cure her own hiccups 100% of the time by doing this. With me, it works about 75% of the time.

    An old bar trick.... When a "drunk" has the hiccups...half glass of cold water (no ice). Strike a regular paper match, drop in glass, chug glass of water... Works everytime... Don't know if its the sulphur or the fear of the match still lit and burning the lips...

    i have a PERFECT cure that helps all the time. grab a glass of water, raise both hands level with your shoulders, tip your head back, and drink the whole glass. It solves it all the time!!!!

    big glass of water then put a washcloth taut over the top of it then drink the whole thing its workded over 20 times for me now

    what if you hiccup while holding your breath?

    you have to start all over again...

    that'll take forever to cure then!

    OMG THANKS!! :D I hate hiccups :( I did the hold breath thing :D worked perfectly


    I like the sugar cure : )