Introduction: How to Cure a Brain Freeze (Ice Cream Headache)

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"Aaaaaahhhh. This ice cream is so good. Oops! I ate a big spoonful. Aaaaaaaaowowow!! Brain freeze! Make it stop! Make it sto-o-op!! Pain! Major pain!" Oops. Looks like you have a brain freeze. 

Step 1: Primitive Cure

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Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold it there. This will cure your brain freeze in a minute or two. This works because your blood vessels are contracted from the cold thing you ate. When you press your warm tongue against the roof of your mouth, it opens them up, making the brain freeze cease.

Step 2: The Advanced Cure

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This works on the same principal as the tongue cure. Drink an almost hot glass of water, and your ice cream headache will be cured almost immediately. Thank you for viewing this!


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