Ever had your hair curled with a flat iron at the salon, but never managed to do it at home? Instead of heading to a professional, now you can recreate this look by following these 12 simple steps. If it doesn’t look amazing on the first try, just keep practicing!

These instructions will help you achieve beautifully curled hair with your flat iron without having to pay the salon price. These instructions apply to curly, wavy, and straight hair types. To achieve the best style results, please follow the instructions for your hair type. If you aren’t sure of your hair type, you can download this hair type chart: http://shenevertells.com/?s=hair+type+chart


1. Hair must be at least shoulder length in order to effectively curl hair with flat iron.
2. Do not wash hair directly before styling hair. Hair produces natural oils that help styling last longer. If you need to wash your hair, do so the night before you plan to curl your hair.
3. Do not straighten your hair before beginning. The curls will not hold.
4. Practicing steps with an unheated flat iron on hair is recommended to avoid burning hair.
5. If at any point you smell your hair burning, remove flat iron and check that:
       • Hair is completely dry – a hot iron on damp hair will cause hair to burn.
       • The temperature of the flat iron is not too high. If it is, adjust as needed (see below for ideal temperatures).

Ideal Temperatures:
• Curly hair = 380-430°
• Wavy hair = 360-380°
• Straight hair = 200-360°

WARNING: Flat irons contain extremely hot plates. Hair can burn if hot plates are placed directly on wet hair or if flat iron is clamped down for a very long time.

DANGER: Flat irons contain extremely hot plates. Direct contact with skin can cause severe burns.

Step 1: List of Materials and Equipment Needed

1. Flat iron/straightener
2. Blow dryer
3. Hairbrush
4. Hair clips or hair ties
5. Mirror
6. Heat protectant hair serum (optional)
7. Hairspray
<p>Hi, this step is where I have a problem; I did exactly what the tutorial says, but the final effect is.... completely straight hair. Help?</p>
<p>I will try this one with my karmin g3</p>
Just got a new salon-grade flat iron for my birthday, which was yesterday Btw and this looks fun! Will do!
your hair looks nice even without the curls yet! :)
Clear instructions and lovely pictures!<br><br>I've always wondered how to do this, thank you so much.
Great photos! Probably the best tutorial I've seen for this. And thanks for including the recommended temperatures... I'm flat iron impaired. :D

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