Step 2:

Gather all materials needed and plug in flat iron. Give flat iron enough time to reach the desired temperature. Make sure to use a safe outlet and place on a flat, sturdy surface, away from water.

If hair is wet, plug in blow dryer and dry hair until there are no damp spots. Brushing hair while blow drying is recommended to untangle hair and help hair dry faster. You may also brush hair after blow drying to untangle hair.

Optional: If you use heat protecting serum, place a quarter size amount (unless product specifies otherwise) of the serum in the palm of your hand and apply to hair working from root to tip. This will help fight heat damage to the hair.
<p>Hi, this step is where I have a problem; I did exactly what the tutorial says, but the final effect is.... completely straight hair. Help?</p>
<p>I will try this one with my karmin g3</p>
Just got a new salon-grade flat iron for my birthday, which was yesterday Btw and this looks fun! Will do!
your hair looks nice even without the curls yet! :)
Clear instructions and lovely pictures!<br><br>I've always wondered how to do this, thank you so much.
Great photos! Probably the best tutorial I've seen for this. And thanks for including the recommended temperatures... I'm flat iron impaired. :D

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