Introduction: How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes - Simple & Fast Technique!


SashaS1 (author)2017-05-21

What a creative solution! I wonder it this would also work with grapes.

fixitsamo (author)SashaS12017-07-07

Good idea! It should work :).

ChrisR393 (author)2017-02-28

Love it! Fast and efficient indeed! My youngest boy is a tomato monster, I swear I spend half of my summer cutting little tomatoes in half. This is great! Thanks for the tip!

fixitsamo (author)ChrisR3932017-03-09

You are very welcome Chris!

grueni4 (author)2017-02-19

Fascinatingly simple and efficient! Thank you!

fixitsamo (author)grueni42017-02-21

You are welcome :).

ybordag (author)2016-12-28

This is genius!

fixitsamo (author)ybordag2017-01-15

Thank you!

JaniceK30 (author)2017-01-08

Oh, my goodness! I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing your solution!!!

fixitsamo (author)JaniceK302017-01-15

you're welcome!

a-d-dge (author)2016-11-07

haha awesome!

fixitsamo (author)a-d-dge2016-11-14

Thank you.

boatmakertoo (author)2016-09-27

Great Idea! thanks.

fixitsamo (author)boatmakertoo2016-09-28

You are welcome!

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