How to Cut Glass Bottles





Introduction: How to Cut Glass Bottles

I show 3 methods to cut glass bottles. One with a string, one with a glass cutter, and one with a homemade bottle cutter. After a few tries cutting the bottles it becomes pretty easy to do. You can make drinking glasses, lamps, vases, and many other things from the cut bottles.

Step 1: Method #1

The first method is with a string that is wrapped around the bottle then is soaked in a flammable liquid. The string is lit on fire while the bottle is being rotated, when the flame dies down the bottle is put into cold water. This causes the bottle to break where the rope was. Make sure you take all of the necessary safety precautions so you don’t get injured.

Step 2: Method #2

The second method is to use a glass cutter and hold it on an object you want the height of the bottle to be cut at. The glass cutter is held in place and the bottle is spun around giving it a level score line. The score line on the bottle is then held over a flame while the bottle is rotated. After the bottle has heated up an ice cube is rubbed around the score line. After a while the bottle breaks apart.

Step 3: Method #3

The third method uses a bottle cutter which can be bought or homemade. The bottle cutter holds the bottle in place while it is rotated around a glass cutter giving it an even score line. It can be adjusted depending on where you want the bottle to be cut at. The one I used was homemade. The same way is used to break the bottle apart that was used in the second method.

How I made the glass bottle cutter: (

Step 4: Watch the Video

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    I accomplished cutting even bigger jugs quite nicely. It takes a bit of practice to get the feel of working with glass. It doesn't take a huge temperature change/shock to force the break at the score line. Good luck, well worth trying...

    Instead of the ice/fire, why can't you just tap it like you would any other glass you cut?

    A glass item such as a bottle will break unevenly plate glass is a bit different it will essentially snap at the score line where as rounded glass sends the stress of the hit in all directions trust me found that out the hard way

    Intereseting, thanks.

    I am going to try a mix of two of the methods. If I use a glass cutter and some support in order to score a horizontal line around the cutting line, but THEN tie the string with oil around the bottle right on top of the scored line, the fire should do its job, but the break should be smoother, along the scored line.

    After 83 attempts and twelve stitches i can say with confidence it doesn't work unfortunately

    I need to cut some square bottles. Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Try filling it with oil to the point you want the cut to be, then drop in a piece of metal heated red hot. I used a sawed off carriage bolt. Make sure it's on a level surface, put it in something to contain the oil, wear your PPE.

    Would it be possible to put a thin layer of oil on top of water instead? Just hold the red hot metal on the oil layer?

    Please don't try that. The heat into the water and oil could cause a volatile reaction. I played with oil and water mixture years back trying to anneal a piece of steal. It shot out droplets of hot oil all over the place. If you do attempt to use this process PLEASE be sure to have on a face shield, long sleves and gloves. Make sure to wear leather or wool or cotton. Synthetic materials will melt into you skin if the catch on fire.