Step 1: To Do a Cut Glass Bottles You Need!!!

In this video I want to show an example of how you can cut a glass bottle or a jar using sunflower or motor oil, at home or in the studio.

Step 2: 20 Caps of Oil !

Step 3: The Thicker the Glass, the Bigger the Piece of Hot Metal Should Be!

Be careful and watch out for drops of hot oil!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Voila!!!!

Good Luck!!!!!!!

<p>Video cuts at 1.08, water moving then perfectly still. </p>
<p>anyone got any ideas on how to cut a round hole in a bottle?... </p>
<p>Does not work.And I'm still not sure whether there is a cut (video) when you take the top off.</p>
<p>I tried this several times with no luck.</p><p>I'm wondering if this is for real.</p>
<p>amazing cool and nice </p>
Coolest thing ever!
<p>This I have to try</p>

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