Step 7: Shake/Blow Off the Extra Hair

Compressed air works well to blow away any of the little itchy bits that are left behind. Showers work well to wash off the extra hair, and so does baby powder.

Hopefully if you haven't cut your subject's ear off or shaved their heads right down to the skin they should be pretty happy with their new cut!
Your haircut subject is a dollbaby! (Dirty old ladies are everywhere!)
Started doing this after getting my first no. 8 cut in a barbers in Feb 08. Bought a Wahl the next week. I'd recommend it..... Remember! A penny saved is a penny to squander.
Nice Noah! Wow.... you uh.... did that in the main entrance... Interesting! What'd the unsuspecting pedestrians say when they saw you cutting some serious hair?
"How much is it?" ;P Engineering firms are almost a barber shops, right?
do you know how to do a "high and Tight" haircut
Good instructable, but I think your subject looks better with longer hair - in your 'before' picture he looks young and innocent, but afterwards he looks older and more business-like...
Not to be sexist, but would you happen to be female? I've come up with a theory, but Girls (and most loudly, my girl) hate it when I cut my hair short. I go to the barber shop and tell them to use a "1 1/2 blade-guard (about 1/4 in) and just hit it all around". I like it, it's keeps my head cool, my dandruff under control, and isn't a pain in the 455 to take care of/style in the morning, etc... But all the girls I interact with are put-off by it, begging me to leave it longer next time. Dudes on the other hand either don't care (which is just regular male understanding of / apathy to aesthetics that don't really concern them to begin with) or understand my logic or even think it looks better. I dunno, again, just a theory.
i aggree with you he looks like a crim with the short hair cut..............great instructable tho by the way.
do people really call these hair clippers"buzzers?"
cool, great instructable too!
That compressed air made me laugh. Can you do zig zag lines?<br/><br/><sub>I would so let you cut my hair</sub><br/>
If you ever have any people who are nervous about getting their hair done, just remind them:<br/><br/>&quot;It <em>will</em> grow back!&quot;<br/>
Just ask "can I get a Britney?" :-D Wish I had a compressed air hose handy, for when I trim my beard. (I have a feeling people would look at me funny if I tried to trim my beard at the gas station...)

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