Some things in the shop are just a little harder than you expect. For me, cutting thin walled (1/16”) plastic tubing was one such thing. It seemed like a simple task, but it was actually very tricky. Use a bandsaw? Not a true 90 degree cut. Use a cold saw? The vice bends the tubing creating insufficient clamping.

I couldn’t find anything online about how to do this… Fortunately, Josh Myers of the Pier 9 shop staff showed me this nifty method using a table saw, which can be used for nearly any diameter plastic tubing of nearly any thickness.

Step 1: Set Up the Table Saw

Yup, you’ll need to use a plastic blade. If you’re at Pier 9 (like I was), you’ll need to find a lovely Shop Staff member to do this for you.

Raise the blade so it’s just high enough to cut through the thickness of the tubing.

Also, you'll need a sled!

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