This one is SIMPLE! But don't underestimate it. I've seen a lot of people damage shears by cutting sandpaper with them.

Materials you need:

- Sandpaper
- Straight edge
- Scribe (this one is carbide)

I did this at TechShop Detroit: "Build Your Dreams Here"! Using your tools safely and to their best advantage!


Step 1: What To Do

Step one: TURN YOUR PAPER OVER so the gritty side is facing down. Mark any size and shape you need on this smooth paper side.

Step two: Use your scribe along a straight edge (or maybe a template if you want to make curves or complex shapes) and SCORE the paper. Don't try to go through, we don't want to dull the scribe with grit.

ta-dah! You'll see that the paper weakens so it will tear with a very clean edge.

I allways jus fold my sand paper backing side out and run along my sanding disc, the disc scorres the paper and I just tear it along the crease.
My dad who was a painter would always fold it in half by hand and then cut it using the putty knife on a painters tool.
this works well - same general idea. what's nice about scoring from behind is you could actually cut points/curves/circles by tracing a scribe around a template.
l like it!
I've always just had a hacksaw blade attached to my workbench. I feed the sand paper or emory paper under the blade and use the teeth of the blade to tear the paper to the desired width.
this is a great idea!
Fine grit sandpaper will usually clean/sharpen the scissors, but coarse grit sandpaper will definitely gouge, dull, and scratch up scissors.
Actually, cutting sandpaper &quot;sharpens&quot; scissors... I know it sounds crazy. But it really works. I use my scissors all the time on sandpaper and they don't get dull... <br>
Ah, I had no idea it was that easy. I've seen a ton of people cut it with scissors.
That is OK, just so long as they can sharpen scissors, or don't mind their scissors being dull.

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