How to Cut Sandpaper





Introduction: How to Cut Sandpaper

This one is SIMPLE! But don't underestimate it. I've seen a lot of people damage shears by cutting sandpaper with them.

Materials you need:

- Sandpaper
- Straight edge
- Scribe (this one is carbide)

I did this at TechShop Detroit: "Build Your Dreams Here"! Using your tools safely and to their best advantage!!

Step 1: What to Do

Step one: TURN YOUR PAPER OVER so the gritty side is facing down. Mark any size and shape you need on this smooth paper side.

Step two: Use your scribe along a straight edge (or maybe a template if you want to make curves or complex shapes) and SCORE the paper. Don't try to go through, we don't want to dull the scribe with grit.

ta-dah! You'll see that the paper weakens so it will tear with a very clean edge.

Step 2: What Not to Do

PLEASE don't use edged or shearing cutting tools. Sandpaper is meant to WEAR AWAY METAL. Why dull and ruin your tools?

Don't use knives, scissors, or shears.

Step 3: In a Pinch

If you need "just a strip" or you're not concerned about a clean, clean edge, fold and crease your sandpaper very well, with the paper back to the outside. This will tear nicely, though be prepared for uneven creasing or feathered edges, especially with coarser grits.



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I allways jus fold my sand paper backing side out and run along my sanding disc, the disc scorres the paper and I just tear it along the crease.

My dad who was a painter would always fold it in half by hand and then cut it using the putty knife on a painters tool.

this works well - same general idea. what's nice about scoring from behind is you could actually cut points/curves/circles by tracing a scribe around a template.

l like it!

I've always just had a hacksaw blade attached to my workbench. I feed the sand paper or emory paper under the blade and use the teeth of the blade to tear the paper to the desired width.

Fine grit sandpaper will usually clean/sharpen the scissors, but coarse grit sandpaper will definitely gouge, dull, and scratch up scissors.

Actually, cutting sandpaper "sharpens" scissors... I know it sounds crazy. But it really works. I use my scissors all the time on sandpaper and they don't get dull...

Ah, I had no idea it was that easy. I've seen a ton of people cut it with scissors.