Picture of How to Cut & Sew Faux Fur
Love to use faux fur, but hate the mess? Maybe you've tried sewing with it in the past and had your heart broken by wobbly seams. Well, it's all really quite simple to manage when you know how to wrangle it. Here are a few key tips you need to know about how to cut and sew fake fur for any project, from fursuits to fashion, and everything in between.

I got inspired by a recent trend of fur vests and coats popping up in shops this season. However, when I tried them on, I either resembled a wookie, or fainted from the price tag. I knew I could create something similar to suit my own needs, and thought this would be a great time to share some special tips for success with sewing fake fur. I chose fur that's both long and short, and paired it with linen to be able to illustrate a variety of situations you might encounter (and reduce my resulting ressemblance to Chewbacca. Not hot.)
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Step 1: Determine the Nap of the Fur

Picture of Determine the Nap of the Fur
All furs have a direction that the fur "grows" in, called the nap.

At all times, you need to keep the direction of this nap in mind. If you're sewing a pair of bottoms, you don't want one leg to look like the fur is growing down and the other up! Same goes with fronts and backs.

On the back of the fabric, mark several arrows to indicate the direction of the nap. Remember to place your pattern pieces accordingly and you'll never go wrong!

Step 2: Trace your pattern on the back of the fur

Picture of Trace your pattern on the back of the fur
Use a marker or chalk to trace your shape onto the back of the fur, keeping the direction of the nap in mind.

For this project, I'm making a simple vest with fur fronts and linen backs. I want the fur to point down, so I align my pattern pieces accordingly. Don't forget to add your seam allowance. Add at least 1/2", as seams can get wobbly when there's fur involved!
Eliseyloo5 months ago
Yay the tip about the razor just made sewing this Halloween costume a much more exciting prospect :))
LynnM16 months ago

love the vid clip. I have seen both satin and a type of knit lining on commercial faux fur gilets. Which is the preferred material? i.e. would satin or tafetta slip too much in the winter? Thanks.

mblackwell211 months ago

Great Info now I gotta sew some fur. :-)

This instructable contains simple but such helpful info! I love what you did with the example you've shown. Thanks!
Hi -
When sewing fur on the right side of the fabric, do you have any suggestions on what type of sewing machine foot to use? Everything I try get's caught up in the fur while I'm sewing.
I would look into getting a walking foot attachment for your machine, if they make them.
xuagram7771 year ago
thanks ummm, tension changes? umm, what stitch did u use? my huqu viking is refusing to finish! my loving picky mom's bday is today, i have 3 days to figure this out, help?
scoochmaroo (author)  xuagram7771 year ago
Any chance you can upload a photo of what's happening?
When my machine is acting up, I always start with changing the needle.
Erynne1 year ago
This guide is great, thank-you! I am planning to make a long fox tail for a costume, but need to hand sew it since I don't have access to a sewing machine. Do you have any tips for what type of thread and stitch would be best?
useful tips!
speltbaker2 years ago
I've been sewing since forever.. there is always something new to learn! thanks - this is a great instructable.
Had to cut out 20 faux fur scoodies for a child crafting club activity. Got three done with a scissors. What a mess. Googled for an answer and this popped up. That was the Instructables project since we got the scoodie pattern here too. Thanks.
scoochmaroo (author)  cdawisconsin2 years ago
Agh! Glad your searches brought you back home to Instructables :D
snotty2 years ago
Chewbacca = HOT
HollyMann2 years ago
Yes I made this mistake before!
momijilover2 years ago
thank you so much for these tips. i just started working with faux fur and have been running into troble. i think i will have better luck now. your a godsend
VanaG3 years ago
Wow, I am so glad you posted this. I was planning to do something with some faux fur, but it keeps shedding. Now I know why. Thanks.
kakmer3 years ago
Best tip ever!!
ohclaire7143 years ago
Great tips. I have a book somewhere in my craft closet on sewing with real fur, but 1) I don't have time to look for it and 2) who uses real fur anymore? Thanks for the helpful how-to!
These are all great tips. I keep wanting to make a fuzzy WtWTA hat and this makes it seem not so scary. :D
scoochmaroo (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Yay! Win-win. Can't wait for the pattern :D