Step 4: 4. Line the Your Hair Line

Picture of 4.	Line the Your Hair Line
This step is more mistake prone. Unlike with trimmers,  the clippers use  guards which makes it almost impossible to make a  mistake. With that I suggest getting use to looking in the mirror practicing with the trimmers off first. Trimmers do not use gaurds for lining your hair. Doing this will get you use to the angling looking at a mirror. Once you feel comfortable turn the trimmers on first and trim around the edges of your head so that they are even. When you do this you do not have to apply the same amount of

pressure you used to cut the hair. Trim up to your hair line to do this. The hair line is where your hair is full not just where you have little strans of hair sticking out. Your hair line should look even all the way around if this is done correctly. I like to think of it as a crisp look. Very defined lines around your hair line. Do not be afraid to go into your hair line slightly to even oout your overall lining. This is normal. To get the best chance of an even lining start from the sides of your head and  work your way to the front of the head so the two sides meet. Look at photos for visual example.