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Introduction: How to Cut Your Own Sidebangs

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Welcome to my tutorial! The goal today is to take dull, drab hair and transform it with some sassy, flirty sidebangs. This super easy method takes all of five minutes, but here I’m going to break it down for you, along with some helpful side notes and other options.

Materials Needed: Comb, scissors, clips, mirror, some hair, flat iron/straightener (optional), water bottle (optional).

Preparation: Part your hair down the middle. If you are cutting it wet , make note of your natural texture. Curly hair should be cut longer than desired, otherwise you’re going to have itty bitty curlies right on your hairline. Wavy and straight hair is fine. If you are cutting it dry , flat iron the hair you’ll be cutting. Keep in mind that this will give you more precision, but your bangs may not look exactly the same when you wear your hair natural.

Just as a side note, my mannequin is the CLiC model named Courtney.

Step 1: Create a Triangular Part

It’s important not to make the triangle’s base too wide or too narrow. Your pupil is usually a good guide, but if you’re worried, take a little less hair. You can always cut more off later, but putting it back on costs major mula. Also, don’t make the triangle too tall. If you do you’ll be cutting into your hairstyle, resulting in some serious flyaways and frizzies.

Step 2: Brush Hair to the Opposite Side You Want Your Bangs to Fall

Wait, what? The opposite? Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. If you want your bangs to go left, brush them right. If you want them to go right, brush them left. This will all make sense in the end, just trust me.

Step 3: Twist and Cut

This step is a teensy bit more complicated than it sounds. Long story short, twist the hair towards the back of the head and cut parallel to your parting line, as shown in the picture.

Why are we twisting the hair? The shortest piece of hair in your sidebangs is the ‘axis’ the hair is twisted on. The longest piece is the one that gets twisted over. The longer the hair travels, the longer it will be after the cut.

What happens if I cut horizontal, instead of parallel? You’ll get a very sharp slant that could look kinda strange, possibly even straight up weird.

What happens if I cut it at the wrong angle? Best case scenario, you get something resembling a blunt cut bang. Worst case scenario, you make an appointment with your local hairdresser and laugh off your mistake.

Where should I cut along the length of the hair? If you want to feature your eyes, cut where my metal clip is. If you want to highlight some beautiful cheekbones, cut around where my blue line is. Anything too much higher than the clip will give you short stubbies. Anything lower will put the bangs in your eyes and draw attention to your nose, which may or may not be good.

Step 4: Marvel at Your Newfound Skill

If you cut it wet, things should be looking pretty fly. If you cut it dry, you may have to wet it down and blowdry it, depending on how unruly your hair is. That’s what I did with Miss Courtney.

Step 5: Style As Desired

You look beautiful! Take a picture and update your facebook. Feel proud as the compliments come flooding in. Courtney here is going on a date so I put her in a trendy (not a Snooki) poof and a twist. I wish I had taken a picture of the twist before I brushed her out. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.

If you love your new bangs, want to request a tutorial, or have any questions, hit me up and I’ll be sure to answer.

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i actually made it but i don't want to provide images because i look terrible at the moment. I think the tutorial doesn't stress enough some points such as how it is absolutely necessary to cut at least an inch less because parting your hair the opposite direction gives you the illusion of a longer effect. Also the "twisting" part is more than crucial. If you do it wrong you'll get sharp edges and straight lines. sounds simple but it's not. I had to cut more layers around the bangs to make the transition look less rough. I think that you'll have better results cutting small sections at a time and gradually adding more hair because honestly i've done a lot better myself without this tutorial. I guess it was a mistake trying to go with the pro method while being a rookie.

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Thank you for your insight! I was confused by the twist as well... The tutorial doesn't show the twist, so I think I will keep researching before cutting.

Image on left is before, and the right after.

This is the best side bang tutorial ive ever had. Now ive messed up my bangs good n' plenty number of times. I think the result turned out OK, I cut it a tad too short but it blends in. I dont believe it looks too good with naturally curly hair. Im sure it will look excellent once I tame these darn curls I inherited. Thanks for the great tutorial :)

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Takes 5 years off, although you already looked young. Very cute! Good job!

Your curly hair looks wonderful with those bangs! Very cute hairstyle.

Thank you so much for this method, perfect!!!

Thanks!!! Easy to follow and I love the result!


I've tried and regretted my own bangs many times, but decided to look for some guidance when my daughter took scissors to only the front of her long beautiful hair. She took about half of the length which left enough to do bangs, but i needed it to look intentional. Thank you SO much. Wish I would have found this before giving up on my own bangs

Thank you for explaining the whys and wherefores. It helps a whole lot.

Super EASY thanks to your 1-2-3 Steps! EXCELLENT instructions! Bangs turned out PERFECT!! Thank you! Just saved a trip to pay a professional.

This worked so well, this was really easy too! Not to mention I'm a twelve year old that did it with no problems! I almost chickened out but I'm glad I didn't because this looks great and saved a lot of money!

Omg! This works! Saved time and money having someone cut my bangs!! Thank you!!

Just did this and it was so easy and looks great. Couldn't believe it worked and how easy this was. Separate, brush, twist , cut. Didn't even use the clips.

This method actually worked so well I was slightly shocked after I did it!
Thank you so much for easy instructions and I'm really happy with my side fringe!!

I think i am pretty done <3 thanks instructables

Great Instructable, I'm going to try it next time I need to cut my bangs. I'd love to see more from you, you do a great job of explaining things.