Step 3: Twist and Cut

Picture of Twist and Cut
This step is a teensy bit more complicated than it sounds. Long story short, twist the hair towards the back of the head and cut parallel to your parting line, as shown in the picture.

Why are we twisting the hair? The shortest piece of hair in your sidebangs is the ‘axis’ the hair is twisted on. The longest piece is the one that gets twisted over. The longer the hair travels, the longer it will be after the cut.

What happens if I cut horizontal, instead of parallel? You’ll get a very sharp slant that could look kinda strange, possibly even straight up weird.

What happens if I cut it at the wrong angle? Best case scenario, you get something resembling a blunt cut bang. Worst case scenario, you make an appointment with your local hairdresser and laugh off your mistake.

Where should I cut along the length of the hair? If you want to feature your eyes, cut where my metal clip is. If you want to highlight some beautiful cheekbones, cut around where my blue line is. Anything too much higher than the clip will give you short stubbies. Anything lower will put the bangs in your eyes and draw attention to your nose, which may or may not be good.
Mari-AnnW1 month ago
cas.7 months ago

i actually made it but i don't want to provide images because i look terrible at the moment. I think the tutorial doesn't stress enough some points such as how it is absolutely necessary to cut at least an inch less because parting your hair the opposite direction gives you the illusion of a longer effect. Also the "twisting" part is more than crucial. If you do it wrong you'll get sharp edges and straight lines. sounds simple but it's not. I had to cut more layers around the bangs to make the transition look less rough. I think that you'll have better results cutting small sections at a time and gradually adding more hair because honestly i've done a lot better myself without this tutorial. I guess it was a mistake trying to go with the pro method while being a rookie.

FizaJ10 months ago

i meant do i twist using right hand or left hand

mariya.n.johnson made it!10 months ago

doesn't look too bad! Thanks for the tutorial!


This was super easy to follow, thank you!