Step 2: Remove Thighs and Legs

Using a sharp knife, slice the skin in between the drumstick and body. 

Find the joint and pop it out of it socket with your hands.

Finish the cut to remove the leg from the body.

Cut through the joint between the thigh and the leg.  You can also use your hands to pop this joint out of its socket first.

Repeat on other side!
<p>RIP dear chiken :(</p>
<p>got it! Thank you!</p>
or you get a emo chicken so it will cut itself :D
Cool. I usually just cut it into the eight basic parts and then throw the pieces into the oven after a bit of basting. Ironically, quite a bit of my family is or was in the restaurant and or catering business. Never cared for cooking till the last few years. Wished I had learned how years ago. Most of it is so easy. Money savings are awesome.
Even with as many chickens that I've cut, I seem to want to do it differently every time. This looks easy and straight forward to follow. I have downloaded the PDF and I will add it to my kitchen cookbook to ACTUALLY USE and learn some consistency with my cutting. Thanks!
Great 'ible. Do you know how to debone a whole chicken too? It might make for a good follow up to this one.

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