Introduction: How to Cut a Glass Wine Bottle

Earlier this year I had an idea for a project that need a dozen or so wine bottles cut. After some reading and research I designed my own version of commercially available cutters from materials I had laying around the garage. The problem was after creating the cutter I kept breaking the bottles when trying to run the score line. I tried hot water, and cold water, the combination, a candle, a large hose clamp, air pressure, heating in my oven, and when real frustrated a big hammer. 

What I finally settled on was sun light. Yep free and readily available. So here is a short clip on how to cut a bottle using my cutter design and a threaded rod with a couple of nuts on the end.

In case you want to build the cutter here is the link :

The only change was I used a different block of wood as the stop, (shop assistant could not find the other one)


Jackoffmanytrades (author)2013-10-14

A piece of string dipped in alcohol the wrapped around lit on fire. Then you take let it burn for a few seconds to 30 then pull the string off take a little bit of water and drop it on there the bottle cracks in a straight line.

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