Picture of How to Cut a Perfect Circle the Easy Way
This is my first Instructables project. I'm really using it as a test of the submission process.  Apparently you can write a lot here

See below for a list of required supplies:
  1. piece of paper 
  2. sharpened pencil
  3. pair of scissors
  4. a can of emergency drinking water
  5. a calculator - just kiddling! You don't need a calculator.  This is the easy method.
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Step 1: Drawing the Circle

Picture of Drawing the Circle
Place your emergency can of water on the paper and trace with your sharpened pencil.  Easy peasy. Check out the nifty video.

Step 2: Remove the Can o Water

Picture of Remove the Can o Water
That's all you have to do.  See the perfect circle that you've drawn.

Step 3: Time to Cut

Picture of Time to Cut
Work those scissors. All you have to do is follow the line you made in the earlier step.

Be careful now! Don't cut yourself.

Step 4: Look, Mom! All done.

Picture of Look, Mom! All done.
That's all it takes. Now you have a perfect circle.  With a little practice you could be cranking two or more of these out a minute!  Think of the possibilities.

Some suggestions for making this project your own:
  1. Try colored paper!
  2. Try different size circles.  Just find something bigger or smaller to trace!
  3. Try some different shaped objects.  Let your imagination go wild!
Kryptonite3 years ago
This is fine and dandy, but if you could show how to cut a circle of any size without needing 200 different stencils that would be great!