There are several reasons I never learned to cut up a whole fryer, least of those being it is really a nasty kind of job.  Spending more than a few years living as vegetarian or vegan certainly didn't help me to learn any sort of butchering skills, or even have the desire to learn such things.  I did cook "meat" dishes when cooking for friends and family, and that led to me at least learning some cooking skills and recipes for meat and meat products.  However, that didn't mean I learned to cut up meats, after all with modern full service markets a person would probably have more luck finding an already cut up chicken than a whole "un-disected" fryer. 
Then the day came when I was  looking down at the multitude of packages in the poultry section looking for some chicken that I realized it was much better to learn to cut up my own chicken and pay just 0.49 ₵ per pound for the whole fryer and forget about paying $4.99 per pound for some fatty pieces of skin on chicken breast. 
Buying it with such a noble idea as saving money had me happily paying for my chicken, and heading home rather smugly thinking what a great job I was doing in helping my own personal economic crisis.
  But then I had to cut open the bag and take this strange, cold ,wet and somewhat slimy creature out to get ready to cook dinner.  I had some second thoughts about what I had done.  What ever made me think I could cut this thing up??? I knew many had done it before me, many continue to do it every day, but this was me who was standing in front of the kitchen sink looking at a (excuse my honesty) a dead bird that had given it's life to be someone's dinner.  A bird who deserved some respect for the atrocities it had suffered to come to this place, bare and featherless, sitting in a sink.
So doing what the modern generation seems to do best when faced with such a dilemma (and no I don't mean run away), I went to my iPad and started to search.  Not for an app and not even for the number to a restaurant with good carry out, but for directions on cutting up a chicken to cook.
I googled "how to cut up a chicken/fryer" and started looking over the hundreds of hits that had come up.  Some had no photos, some weren't even in English . There were some videos on youtube, but that would mean stopping and starting the video with chicken goop covered hands as I went from step to step.  I did find one that had some good instructions, but no photos.  I decided that maybe this would be a good place to add an instructable  for "cutting up a chicken".  ((By the way, I did search here, and though there may  very well be an instructable for this, I didn't find it. ))
**by the way I cut up this chicken so I could try the "Soy Braised Ginger Chicken" submitted by weekofmenus, you can find it here instructables.com/id/Soy-Braised-Ginger-Chicken/

Step 1: Step 1 - Get Ready, Get Set.....

Remove the chicken from the package and take the offals out from the cavity (if included).  Set them aside to use for stock, other recipes or like i did, cook them for your dogs to have since they always know there is chicken cooking and they do not want to be left out. 
Get a sharp knife
Cutting board.  I keep a separate cutting board for chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables.  Even though i wash them well after each use, I don't want to risk  cross contamination. 
Paper towels of a dish rag to clean up any runs of "chicken juice" from the board. 
I honestly clicked this just because I wanted to eat that chicken. Got a recipe for it?
Hope you are still in the mood for chicken, since I took so long to reply. It's a soy and vermouth braised chicken. I saw "weekofmenus" won the one pot meal challenge with a very similar one except with saki and ginger added. You might take a peek at hers here https://www.instructables.com/id/Soy-Braised-Ginger-Chicken/
This tip is very usefull, I can't cook at all
Thank you. And never say never (as my granny would say). Everyone can cook, so maybe some are better than others but all that is, is practice :).
Very nice walkthrough! Lots of good tips. :)
Thanks :). Figured I couldn't be the only one with Some sort of phobia to cutting a chicken up.

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