Step 7: Almost done!!!

The back has very little meat, and is often used for making stock instead of for cooking and serving.  You can split the back by "breaking it in the middle, and carefully cutting it into two pieces. 

I honestly clicked this just because I wanted to eat that chicken. Got a recipe for it?
Hope you are still in the mood for chicken, since I took so long to reply. It's a soy and vermouth braised chicken. I saw "weekofmenus" won the one pot meal challenge with a very similar one except with saki and ginger added. You might take a peek at hers here http://www.instructables.com/id/Soy-Braised-Ginger-Chicken/
This tip is very usefull, I can't cook at all
Thank you. And never say never (as my granny would say). Everyone can cook, so maybe some are better than others but all that is, is practice :).
Very nice walkthrough! Lots of good tips. :)
Thanks :). Figured I couldn't be the only one with Some sort of phobia to cutting a chicken up.

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