Introduction: How To: DIY Modded Computer Case

I was bored and decided to make a modded computer case. I did all of this by myself with the help from a few people for cutting the case and plexiglass. I hope this helps anyone wanting to mod their computer, but are a little skeptical. This is my first instructable so please comment and tell me how I did. I am only 15 so it may not look professional.

Needed materials:

Plexiglass - about 8 bucks (Local hardware store)
Screws $1.00 (Local hardware store)
Jigsaw (You can buy one online if you don't have one)
Drill (I had one)
Electrical Tape (pretty cheap at target)
Cold Cathodes, Lazer LEDs, and a LED Fan - with tax and shipping, $19.97 (
A computer hopefully and some hard work and time. :D

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Start Making the Window...

The First thing you need to do is measure the case and find a good size for the window. Then decide how big you want it to be, I chose 10 x 9 in. for my window. I went to my local Ace Hardware store and got a piece of plexiglass cut right there for me.

Step 2: Who Cut the Case???

Now you need to cut your case to fit your window. Make sure you outline your window with pencil and then take a ruler and go about 1/2 inch in the outline of your window so you have room to drill holes to attach it to the case. Then drill the holes and place screws in with nuts on the other side to keep it in place.

Step 3: Add Your Case Fan If You Have It.

I had a fan with a direct port to my cpu so I needed to add holes for that. If you look at the pictures, I drilled holes for ventilation, but decided to use mesh afterwards.

Step 4: Place Your Lights Into Your Case.

*Unplug you computer from all cords and power supply.*What to get: Cold Cathode (CCFL) Lights, LEDs, LED Fans, and what ever else you want. I bought these from they have very good prices, and fast delivery. To install just connect the plugins to the right spots on your motherboard.

Step 5: Testing! Check, Check, 1,2,3?

Okay now that you have all your lights hooked up, plug in the power supply and test this baby out!

Step 6: End Product.

Well there you have it! A wonderful Mod for under 30 bucks!

Happy modding, Please post any computer mods that came to mind from this in a comment!


jadowyn made it!(author)2013-03-05

Thanks, this was the simplest tutorial I could find on the subject.

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2013-03-05

Your welcome! I'm glad this old tut can still be of use to fellow diy'ers. :) Got any pictures of the build?

kve23 made it!(author)2012-04-22

What are the specifications of that computer?

woodstockbirdy made it!(author)2012-03-17

Why did you put a mack sticker on a pc? Really?

robots199 made it!(author)2009-01-06

I have a Dell Dimenmsion 4550 and the side of the case is impossible to make a window in. Help please!

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-01-07

What is the material made out of? A dremel should work with most cases. Note that my case is made out of steel. At least I think it is. It was pretty tough to cut.

robots199 made it!(author)2009-01-07

Yeah I is steel but the side does not come off. It is a clamshell case. Google it. Thanks

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-01-08

My best bet would be to buy a cheap case and replace it. Sorry if I'm not much help. I don't really know what else to say. Good luck.

robots199 made it!(author)2009-01-08

Where can you get a cheap case. Please point 1 out

theg00ber made it!(author)2011-12-03 They have a load of cases, some with PSU's. A couple even have huge case fans and/or 11 bays!

abadfart made it!(author)2009-06-01


eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-01-11

That site has some pretty cheap (as in 45 dollar) cases. Hope this helps, I bought my computer from them and they have excellent service.

FuzzyBearGeek made it!(author)2009-02-18 has a ton more. Starting at 32.99 many more cheap places. Just search around. So much info out there. google computer case. You'll find plenty of places. I got a nice case for 24 bux shipped just by digging around on the net.

conrad2468 made it!(author)2009-02-14

real life storm trooper meets animated storm trooper!!!!

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-02-14

LoL nice, I need to make more instructables...I haven't since summer.

markmc99 made it!(author)2009-02-21

Dell motherboards and components are proprietary and you will have a tough time putting them in a different case.

robots199 made it!(author)2009-02-22

Never heard that before. Hmmm forget that. Thanks

acaz93 made it!(author)2009-02-28

You may want to do what i did , I made a Big hole (1 inch) and with tin snips and a nibbler , cut all around were you want a windows , by this method I achieved to install a case fan into an HP pavillion PC , (belive , The metal of that case is really, REALLY though!)

robots199 made it!(author)2009-03-01

HMMMM.. That is a good idea... goes out to buy a new pair of tin snips

acaz93 made it!(author)2009-03-01

Yo may also want the nibbler , since cutting with tin snips leaves sharp edges

skatermatt made it!(author)2011-06-13

nice mod man small bit of advsie tidy those cables up and that will look sweet will keep your temps down aswell

Madrias357 made it!(author)2011-01-17

Gotta give kudos, that's one way to make an old Systemax Venture look nice (yeah, I know the case, I had one once), and at one point, had done similar to mine (I used a crapton of blue LED's and fans, but that was how I was back then). Didn't have as big a window, though.

Kasm279 made it!(author)2009-03-19

Ubuntu is nice, but Kubuntu is better!

Arbitror made it!(author)2009-04-25

I have to go with openSUSE!

M8R-9kie08 made it!(author)2010-01-02

Even better, use the alternate install CD of ubuntu and build everything from scratch. =D

spasysheep made it!(author)2010-12-12

If you want to do that, at least do it properly and install Gentoo

Kasm279 made it!(author)2010-12-12

Yeah, but i much prefer the GUI install of Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Xubuntu...

Arbitror made it!(author)2010-01-02

Actually, I agree with you.

guthix0009 made it!(author)2010-03-22

 yes openSuse FTW haha

kyismaster made it!(author)2010-10-03

My God, why do you need soo much cathodes, i mean, it looks like your computer came from silent hill or is on fire, or turning into molten steel.

AustinDrago made it!(author)2010-09-30

Hello. I was wondering why you have two disk drives?

manzi made it!(author)2010-10-01

for a variety of reasons.

mine's for speedier media backup and cd/dvd burning & cloning.

in my old rig i had a CDRW/DVDR and a DVDRW. cds and dvds have different burn speeds. so i burn cds with the cdrws and dvds with the dvdrw. i experienced less burn fails this way. considering the hardware is almost 10 years old. newer models have no problems with speeds.

dzyubin made it!(author)2009-03-18

I am thrilled to do this to my old Sony Desktop. So I will be starting very soon and I will most likely post some pictures thanks for a great Tut.

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-03-18

Thanks for the compliment. I hope all goes well with your project. I can't wait to see what others can do.

dzyubin made it!(author)2009-03-19

I have a question today i have started my project and first thing was to clean all the nasty dust from my computer. How can I cut a window in my metal cover up sheet, is it possible for me to use a dremmel? I don't wanna buy a jigsaw just for this project. Thanks -Dzyubin-

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-03-19

you could try a dremel. im sure it would work. just be carefull about the blades breaking.

zack247 made it!(author)2010-05-27

running over the cutout a couple tmes is better than trying to cut through all at once

apr1694 made it!(author)2009-09-19

i have the same light rods but in blue which looks good with silver

Mavamaarten made it!(author)2009-09-12

NICE :D there is only 1 thing I would do if that was my PC... Please re-arrange your cables ! It looks very messy... Still a very nice mod ! If I had a dremel, I'd mod my PC just like you did, but with blue lights xD

FagnerFS made it!(author)2009-07-09

Pretty good project! Your computer looks cool now, mine also gonna looks cool.

jishua9 made it!(author)2009-07-05

lol i have an ubunto and apple stickers on my computer

it_dont_work made it!(author)2009-06-16

nice build and idea. the only let down is your horrible cable routing job :P its a jungle in there. clean it up abit and it'd look awsome...and your pc would run alot cooler with some air flow

abadfart made it!(author)2009-06-01

are you running Ubuntu or just have the sticker

deadkiba made it!(author)2009-05-23

Uhhh thats a sexy computer.

tigerdog330 made it!(author)2009-05-05

dude thats beast

dzyubin made it!(author)2009-03-20

what other tools you think i could use?

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-03-20

um a good sheet cutter. thats easy to cut.

djr6789 made it!(author)2009-02-18

great i'ble! only problem is when i painted my floppy drive paint didnt stick please help

eomonkeyboi24 made it!(author)2009-02-18

I just used duct tape to cover it up. Sorry u probably would been to sand it and such to paint it.

djr6789 made it!(author)2009-02-18

o well ill just use duct tape thanks for the reply

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