How to DIY a Gatling Gun-Style Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Speaker





Introduction: How to DIY a Gatling Gun-Style Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Speaker

Hey guys, we launched a project to Kickstarter days ago - ReSpeaker. And this project is based on ReSpeaker.

There are many instructables/tutorials showing how to DIY a speaker, but none of them have shown how to DIY a Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Speaker, not even to mention that it also comes with an awesome appearance. In this instructable we will be showing how to use ReSpeaker - an open modular voice-enabled development board to make your own Gatling Gun-Style smart wireless speaker.

Step 1: What Do We Need

Fastener Parts:

  • M3*25 Pillars —— 6 PCS
  • M3*40 Pillars —— 6 PCS
  • M3*90 Pillars —— 6 PCS
  • M2*10 Pillars —— 3 PCS
  • M3*8 Screws —— 12 PCS
  • M3*6 Screws —— 2 PCS
  • M3* 8 Tapping Screws —— 5 PCS
  • M2*6 Screws —— 6 PCS
  • M3 Nuts —— 2 PCS


  • Acrylic panels
  • Acrylic tube
  • Mesh Iron sheet


  • Audio amplifier board Power
  • Adapter Audio cable
  • Respeaker


  • Screw Driver

Step 2: Fix the Audio Amplifier Board

Use 2 M3*6 screws and 2 M3 nuts Fixed the Audio amplifier board, Note that there may be many holes on the amplifier board, but we only need two of them.

Step 3: Install the Mesh Iron Sheets

1. Installation M3 screws and M3 × 25 pillars in the base plate
2. Installation mesh iron sheets

Step 4: Fix the Sound Chamber

Use M3* 8 Tapping Screws fixed the sound chamber and Acrylic panels.

Step 5: Fix the Pilars

Fixed M3*90 pillars, then install the acrylic plate, and then fixed the M3*40 pillars.

Step 6: Install the Hardware

Use M2*10 pillars and M2 screw fix respeaker to acrylic panel

Put respeaker to the top

Step 7: Fix the Top Acrylic Board

Put the mesh iorn sheet around the pillars, and use M3 screw fixed the acrylic panel.

Step 8: Done~

Gatling gun sideways put really like ah ~ ~

But honestly, the sound quality to be improved ~~~



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    Explain how this is a Gatlin Gun type Speaker and not just a speaker in a six sided case.

    Oh and also shoot the video in the same room you test the speaker. There was too much background noise etc. going on to be able to listen to what was being said.

    Cheers Mak

    you need to reshoot this video and have someone who is more an actor who can explain the product without stops or jumps in his explanation. The video you have doesn't really tell you anything and the speaker on that unit is lacking the way it was recorded. Needs to be in a quiet room without background noises. Etc. This looks like a cool idea and would be a nice build for my nephews to do. Let us know plainly where to get the parts for this thing. How much time we will need to use on the CNC or whatever' machine. Many of us rent time on those machines. Thanks n good luck

    It looks for me like a commercial for this Kickstarter product. I mean - i cant see any tutorial here. You have screwed some professional laser-cut plexiglas parts together, and tadaaaaaaa - we have a speaker. Thats not how DIY works.

    Hi, thank for your attention about this project, we will think about your suggestion and more details.


    Exactly my thoughts too. :/

    really looks cool

    Hi, thank you!

    Really glad that you like.

    Nice idea but using a kickstarter as the main hardware component
    isn't very helpfull how can we build this stuff if the hardware doesn't
    exist ?. This sound's more like a shameless advertisement to fund your

    Hi, I'm sorry to cause you trouble.

    As I had said below, we are the application team at Seeedstudio, our job is to make something funny with our products, then share to the community, which include Instructables.

    Instructables is nice community with so many real makers, and you know, we are a company that serve the makers. So it's not hard to understand that we want more and more people know about us, know about our products.

    And we will continue to make something funny.

    Thanks for your attention :)