A tree swing has never appeared in my childhood nostalgia. And I've never thought of building one until my wife and I moved into a house with a chiku tree in the garden. It has a strong branch which is just nice to tie a swing to it. We're very excited about the idea but unfortunately I'd never have free time to work it out until 5 months later. Haha...what a delay!

Okay, this is a simple tree swing which is really easy to build, even if you don't have any hardware tool at home like me.

Step 1: What's the Plan?

I drew the tree swing I have in mind on the whiteboard.
i used olive 550 paracord instead of rope.<br>it is water and UV resistant
Ooo..never know there's such thing. Thanks for your info!
FYI with the 550 paracord the 550 is it's breaking strength (in pounds)
550 pounds! That's more than 4X of my weight...Haha
that is why it is used for parachutes
That's a nice swing, and such a helpful hardware store!
Yup! I don't need to do anything other than to tie the swing to the branch, which can be done in less than half an hour.
Very cool.
Thanks man!

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