Introduction: How to DJ With Free Software and a Wired Xbox 360 Controller

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This indestructable shows you how to DJ with maximum live performance points and spending very little or no money on equipment.
This can be done with any USB Gamepad But I chose an Xbox 360 controller because thats what i Have.

Step 1: Softwares!

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There are plenty of instructables telling you how to make your xbox controller work with your pc so if you don't know, go and read one because i'm gonna pretend you know already!
The first piece of software to download is Mixxx. You can get this from Download and install.

Step 2: Softwares 2!

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Next you need Joy2key. This converts your input from your Controller to a key on the keyboard. You use this software to map the keyboard shortcuts for mixxx to your controller. You can download it here:

Joy2midi is a useful piece of software because it tells you which button is which on your Joypad.
You Can Download that here:

if you use the xbox controller joy2midi is not needed as i have the list of controls here:


To set up the controller in Joy2key click the Auto Setting wizard Button and work your way through.

Step 3: Setting Up the Controller and Mixxx

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Open Joy2key, Click on Auto Configuraton Wizzard,

These are just the configurations i used but you could use any combinations of buttons.

This is Also set up for the first deck, if you wish to control both you will need a second controller. I have this set up so that my friend and I can DJ Together with one deck each.

Step 4: Get Practicing, Get Playing, Get $!

You Could even earn money with this system and you don't need to break even if you have only spent money on the controller to begin with.
The alternative is to use a controller like the Hercules DJ Control MK II or the M Audio X Session Pro but these cost considerably more and can be hard on your system and may make it crash if it can't cope like mine has on numerous occasions.

Good Luck!


TheRealDutchOwner (author)2012-01-15

You will not need Joy2Midi if you are using a USB Game controller. Windows Vista/7 got a utility in the configuration panel for that. XP and lower have gameport support too.

cyrozap (author)2009-02-21

For "Softwares2," you could get GlovePIE. It requires a bit of programming, but it is very easy to learn AND you can use Wii Remotes with it.

santy22 (author)cyrozap2010-11-04

I want to see Daft Punk doing some wiimote mixing. Coolest thing ever.

agent (author)cyrozap2009-04-08

:D DJ with 4 WiiMotes! (2 in your hand and 2 in custom made shoes xD)

Gid (author)cyrozap2009-02-23

Joy2key is easier to use. I dont have an awful lot of time so it was just easier. But thanks for the heads up i'll see if i can do something else with it.

cyrozap (author)Gid2009-02-23

GlovePIE is a lot more flexible, though.

mrdepo96 (author)2009-11-22

 a video would be cool...

allen_perdue (author)2009-06-27

It is the right stuff for me to

n008k35h (author)2009-03-03

you can use Xpadder too

Gid (author)2009-02-23

Yes it is but i prefer Joy2key

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