How to DOUBLE Your Cash FAST!





Introduction: How to DOUBLE Your Cash FAST!

Ever wonder why some people have a big fat wad of cash in their pocket?
Follow these steps and you can to! Whats great about this is that you can do this several times! Over and over!

Things you will need.
1. At least $1.00 bill
2. These instructions
3.About 5 minutes

Step 1: Step1

Take your money, non folded and hold it in your hand.

Step 2: Step2

Take note of how much you have

Step 3: Step3

Fold it once and put it in your pocket

Step 4: Step4

Congratulations. You have just doubled your money!



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    To display a big wad of money in that fashion is an invitation to be mugged. I rather keep my little bit of cash in my wallet and pay with my debit card whenever possible.

    yeah man I agree, but I think this was just a joke.

    Huh. This isn't doubling your cash, its making it look like you have doubled your cash. It looks good, but its still the same...bummer. :(

    PS If you take a twenty or a fifty, or even a hundred and wrap it around a bunch of ones, it looks even better.

    that doesn't take 5 minutes


    I read this instructable twice and figured out out how to quadruple my money so there. HAHAHAHAHAHa. I am smartier than you

    that is just funny. back in 96 I had a friend that would cash his pay checks and ask for all ones.

    Yeah, I just wanted to make a few people laugh today, or at least make them hopeful until they found out it was a joke. LOL

    Nice joke, but could you replace the photos with some you took yourself?

    Quadruple it by cutting it into four and piling them up. Or become a millionaire by shredding 100 notes.....

    The point is what again