How To: Dark Aluminium Powder in Bulk (Household Materials)





Introduction: How To: Dark Aluminium Powder in Bulk (Household Materials)

You should open up your Ball Mills Container daily and let Aluminum Powder air out, if you don't do this when you finally do go to open the container the aluminum might spontaneously oxidize in the presence of all the new oxygen and potentially ignite...
I've never had it happen, but it is still theoretically possible... So just a warning to you...

Dark Aluminium Powder is used in the Pyrotechnics Industry for thing like Fireworks, it also can be used to make powerful flash powders. The Unoxidized aluminum is Extremely Reactive, keep away from moister and heat...

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Could I use aluminum 6061 CNC machined chips that are pretty small in size to make aluminum powder instead of aluminum foil?

I would think so, it would pobably be better because it's more brittle and pure.