Picture of How to De-Seed a Tomato
Today we are going to learn how to remove the seeds from a tomato.  If you are to make salsa or perhaps ceviche, you may need to remove the seeds.  There are several techniques, but I like the one I use.

Step 1: Starting out

Picture of Starting out
Cut off the top and bottom of the tomato and reserve them.   It is somewhat important to make them straight so that the tomato will be able to sit level.  
Very nice! This is the way I do it as well. :)
egalmac3 years ago
I just cut top and bottom and put my fingers through it and rinse with tap water...
ale-8-1 (author) 3 years ago
De nada:) I feel like this technique is a gap in salsa recipes here. I will see if I can submit it. Technically it is how render a tomato palatable without seeds:3.
sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks for sharing this! Interesting! Hopefully you entered it in the raw food contest! Sunshiine