How to De-rust a Tool





Introduction: How to De-rust a Tool

If you have rusty tools it is pain to use them and they just look unprofessional follow the steps and you will have a shiny and beautiful tool.

Step 1: Initial Sanding

Start by rubbing off the top layer of rust with a dry sponge. After you are done with this step you will have rust dust everwhere vacuum that up.

Step 2: Cleaning

Wipe clean the rust dust with a towel

Step 3: De-Rusting

Now spray some wd-40 or engine degreaser to loosen up the rust then rub away with a toothbrush. The tool should like the last picture when you are done with this step.

Step 4: Sandpaper

Now start sanding to remove the last layer also use the dry sponge again. Then you are close to finishing.

Step 5: Cleaning and Finish

Brush down the tool with soapy water. Wipe clean now you done but an extra step could be taken to make it look really good, spray paint the tool with a durable paint.



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    I have some rusty water from Old tools, where can I legally & safely pour it out so animals won't get into it.

    cool idea

    Coke takes rust off of car bumpers can't a person just soak it in a tub of cola'

    Here in South Africa we have a paint base liquid called "Rust Binder"you just paint this liquid and let it dry. When dry this layer formed is your primer and you just paint your enamel paint over the erea

    Here in South Africa we have a paint base liquid called "Rust Binder"you just paint this liquid and let it dry. When dry this layer formed is your primer and you just paint your enamel paint over the erea

    ??????? I'm confused. What else would you do to de-rust something? I don't get it. I don't see this as very helpful

    I work for a farm equipment manufacturer, and we use something called Naval Jelly. We have tried many things over the years working here, and i have never seen anything work as well and with the least amount of effort as this stuff does.

    Howdy, quite an elaborate way of de-rusting. Sure, it works - but there's a much simpler way of doing this: phosphoric acid. It will reverse the oxydation completely. It's cheap and harmless. Just soak the bit over night and the rust is gone. After the treatment, iron will get a dull, grey surface but that's easy to shine up.

    WD40 (water dispersant #40) isn't a lube or a penetrant. It's mostly fish oil, but it works for a lot of things in a pinch!

    I'm proud you're in middle school and interested in tools!!!

    10 replies

    "fish oil" that does not smell of fish. in fact it smells of kerosene

    Yep. Another one of the reasons why it isn't effective as a lubricant.

    Fish oil? Are you kidding?

    Nope. Some other stuff too, but it's a water dispersant, NOT a lubricant. I wouldn't recommend drinking it. A tour of their website can be quite enlightening.

    Quite enlightening indeed, like the fact that there's no fish oil in WD40 ( :-)

    A good friend is a WD40 company rep. He says they love that people use it for everything but it's intended use, which is to disperse water. That's why it deters rust, and the logic for using it in this instructable.

    However, he also told me they found other marine animal oils that were cheaper, so that's why they now say it contains no fish oil. Splitting hairs, I say. It's not all marine oils though, otherwise it wouldn't be a formula they determined after 40 tries.

    They are great marketers, and have developed other products that are specific lubes and penetrants. These are branded WD40 but are not the original formula. All of you who zeroed in on fish oil, go read the rest of their website. Then read their competitors' websites. I thought my work here to get people to actually research their claims was done, evidently not.

    This is NOT to say I don't like WD40. I use it a lot, 'cause I frequently get it free, but I use other things for lubes and penetrants. PB Blaster is an excellent penetrant, far better than WD40.

    Kano Lab's Kroil is the best penetrating oil I have found to date. Puts PB to shame.

    I've heard of that, I'll have to try it.

    So I actually persuaded someone to read up on something! My work here is done.

    Haha this was a great little thread