Step 4: Load 'em and Enjoy 'em...

Build as many shelves as will fit your needs. Slide them into the backboards and push them down to lock them in.

The danged laser makes it very easy to develop interlocking stuff quickly and precisely - NON-SAWDUST woodworking...

I'm finishing this Instructable up for now while relaxing with my popcorn and soda pop at TechShop San Jose.  http://techshop.ws.

Please forgive the snake!  It's a wannabe Lego!

this is fantastic but I could never fabricate it myself, I wonder if I could create something with the same concept with a peg board.. Thanks for sharing this!!
Maybe I should have called it &quot;<strong>Overtly</strong>-Legoed&quot;...
There is no over-LEGOed. No. There is only under-LEGOed...
hmm... looks a lot like my room... i do have a few more sets though! i cant help it, LEGO keeps coming out with awesome new sets! :S
I was expecting something different because of the title. Crafty, eh... <br> I'm going to try it with other things of little weight, thanks.
thats great! im 13 and still love legos! i have about 200 pounds of legos! XD shelves would be so helpful. (no im not a maker noob!) i do many electronics and i am a real maker!i use arduinos... i love this idea... thanks for sharing! keep it up!
<br>Hmmmm... I'd feel good with 3 to 5 pounds per shelf. <br> <br>Lego's density is not especially high, even on the larger creations, so the weight on each shelf is pretty low. I kept the depth of the shelves a bit minimal to keep any sagging at bay. <br> <br>They've been in place about 2 months now, and ZERO weight/sag issues with even more Legos than shown in the pic. <br> <br>TG
Hey Tom! <br> <br>Cool shelves. Nicely designed. How many pounds do you think they might support? <br> <br>Jim
<br>Earthquake lip... Inspired by Mick Jagger...

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