Step 4: Cut Out Vent Holes

Cut out your vents using a sharp knife (or heat up the blade if you like - this makes cutting easier)
If you use a vacuum cleaner hose you don't need to put your mouth on it. bwhahaha <br>
When I was about 8, I&nbsp;has my own IBM laptop from my dad. It overheated like crazy, so I put ice cubes under it.<br /> <br /> n____n and it worked.<br />
OMG I resorted to the ice on my IBM as well!!!
Maybe you should clean your fan.
yeah, was going to say that too. those little fins get clogged up with junk. some laptops are easier than others to get into though. look for a service manual from the manufacturer or google for disassembly instructions
&nbsp;I've&nbsp;had my&nbsp;laptop&nbsp;for about 2 years and&nbsp;recently&nbsp;it was having similar overheating issues. I noticed how&nbsp;jammed&nbsp;the fan was and simply by blowing into the fan at the bottom of the laptop, where the big intake is it is now both faster and cooler. You do have to put your face right up to it though and make a 'seal' with your lips around it...
Mouth to laptop resuscitation? <br />
&nbsp;LOL, It&nbsp;really&nbsp;does work though, now I can play games!

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