Empty walls scream out for life. They need to be spruced up with pictures and art wall hangings. Some like it simple some like to jazz it up. It’s definitely a “no-no” to keep the empty. Add display shelves to spruce them up. These shelves will help to add a completely new and different look to your walls as well as your home. It will not only beautify your walls but also can meet your requirements for organizing space. By setting up these shelves, you can use it for displaying anything that is worth flaunting.

From your favorite picture and collectibles to books, from your expensive chinaware to your grandma’s painting, you can display with pride anything you own. These shelves will help arrange your décor style in a completely new and different way. Moreover, display shelves can also prove to be perfect storage solutions as well. Hence, get ready to update your wall space by adding something extraordinary to it.

Step 1: Preferable Color Palettes

Your display shelves would look most cohesive when color palettes are added to it. This would help weave a story in these shelves. Therefore, you would be required to pick on your preferable color palettes. However, at times, it is good to step out from your usual world of colors and try something new.

  • Not all colors of your shelf have to be matched with each other. Rather, you can try something different by mixing and matching your colors.
  • Opt for two to three shades of your choice. Repeating these colors in certain areas would help giving it a meaningful look.
  • You can either go with the usual choice of neutral palette or else, something different.

Any color combination would look good on your shelves. However, avoid using extremely bright or dull colors.

Step 2: Labeling Your Collections

You can also take help from some display shelves online. By setting up such shelves, you would be able to label and personalize it as well. Therefore, with the help of decorating ideas, create something new with your shelves.

  • These shelves are an ideal place for keeping rustic accessories like collection of watering cans or even books.
  • You can also label shelves i.e. personalize it in your own distinct ways.
  • By labeling shelves, each family member would be able to flaunt off their style and personalities too.

Incorporating such ideas in your shelves would prove to be a fun filled experience. However, you would be required to restyle your shelves in such a way that it does not look cluttered at all.

Step 3: A Touch of History

Apart from aforementioned ideas, you can also consider story telling through your display shelves. Adding a touch of history along with it would prove to be an amazing way to recreate things.

  • You might consider opting for vintage accessories for your built in shelves. This would create an impression with the visitors as soon as they step into your home.
  • Incorporating items having an ancient touch would immediately help in injecting history into the ambience of your home.
  • Such factors would help in changing the overall atmosphere of your home in general. Hence, recreate your home by incorporating such ideas into it.

It would be entirely up to you for changing the overall ambience of your home by sprucing up your walls a bit. After all, home is where the heart is. Play around with other kind of displays such as Traditional displays, Recycled Storage, Office Décor and a host of other options as well. Each of these displays has own distinct styles. Hence, ensure to make the most out of it and update your wall space accordingly.

<p>The displays look really nice. I love pottery and ceramics. :)</p>

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