Picture of How to Decorate a Cardboard Box version 1.0
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There are lots of ways to decorate a cardboard box, so that you can stand to look at it while it is storing your stuff.  This time, I took two boxes that used to hold some kind of gift and it will now be decorated and used for the storage of other things.  This is one of the easiest ways to do it.  Maybe, version 2.0 will come out when I get the right box to make it worthwhile.  So, here we go.
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Step 1:

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Boxes (I have 2, a round one and one with a nice lid)
Wrapping paper (can be any kind of paper, this is recyclable, bought on clearance)
ATG 714 tape dispenser with tape (cost =+/-$60 for the dispenser & 36yds tape is for $3-5 or you could use double stick tape)

Step 2:

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For the round box, I measured the distance from the top to the bottom (4 inches).  I cut a strip of wrapping paper one inch wider.  I folded down the top and bottom edges. 

Step 3:

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I used the ATG dispenser to apply the ATG tape to both the top and bottom edges, a little at a time.  I carefully laid down the paper along the edges so that it will stick to the tape. 

Step 4:

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When I got to where the paper began, I allowed for a 3+ overlap, folded down the edge and after adding a strip of tape from top to bottom (or bottom to top, your choice).  It looks nice.

Step 5:

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Now for the other box, the bottom is already just plain red, so it is great the way it is.  I want to decorate the lid (so that the whole world won’t know that it was a container that held beef stick).  I laid the lid top down on the wrapping paper.  I cut the paper so that it would cover the top, all 4 sides and wrap into the inside of the lid.  I applied the ATG tape along the top edge of the long sides of the box and attached the paper to it.