Here I teach you how to successfully levitate a fruit using just a blueberry, and a lungful of air.  This is a suggested pastime during a nature-trail walk while foraging for huckleberries, or simply during your next mealtime, when sorting through your dinner plate of peas and carrots. 
<p>This does not show where Bernoulli actually applies. The centering force is due to the CURVED air flow around the sphere, NOT speed. Fast moving air stream does not have a lower pressure than the surrounding still air. Bernoulli applies at your mouth, because the high pressure in your lungs pushes/accelerates (increases the speed of) the air into the lower atmospheric pressure outside your lips. The pressure drop speeds up the air. </p>
You've changed the way I teach Bernouli's Principle
Thanks Stoeff!
Wonderful :D

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