I can't believe there's a whole ocean full of water but we can't use it.So here's a way to desalinate seawater.It is best to try it on a sunny day early at sunrise;it will be done more or less in the afternoon.

Step 1: Prepare the Container

Use the big container and put the round black lid inside it.This is to atract sunlight.

Step 2: Add Recepticle

Place the small cup in the middle of the container on the black lid.

Step 3: Add Saltwater.

Add some seawater that you want to desalinate in your container but don't spill it in your cup.

Step 4: Cover With Plastic

Put the plastic over the container and fasten it with your elastic band.

Step 5: Small But Very Important Modification.

Add a small weight on the plastic right above the cup so that the plastic points down to your cup.

Step 6: Wait.

Wait for the water to evaporate, condensate on the plastic and trickle down and into the cup for you to drink.
<p>This is perfect for Cape Towns water crisis!</p>
<p>Definitely a useful tool in a survival situation, but a solar still isn't something I would recommend solely relying on for water in a survival situation. They take a long time to purify a comparatively small amount of water and you're more likely to end up with far less water to drink than you expend over the course of waiting for it. <br><br>A relatively simple way to expedite the process is to use a double boiler over a fire made of two metal containers ( you can substitute soaked birch bark cups or leather hides in an outdoor emergency, or really any container that won't burn or melt. ) and any sort of cone ( again, whatever yo can come up with. ) that you seal to the container with whatever you can find to keep the steam from leaking. By putting the whole deal over a fire, you will lose some evaporation through the seams in your makeshift still, but the increased efficiency of the whole thing will more than make up for it, with the added bonus of giving you a warming/signal/cooking fire to work with through whatever disaster you find yourself in.</p>
Awesome stuff! So easy and yet so useful ... Well done!
<p>Great survival trick. Good information to know in case you ever find yourself in an emergency situation. </p>

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