Introduction: How to Design a Gift Packaging Box in Five Steps?

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Gift boxes are very common now, and there are many types in the market,  they are eye-catching indeed. But they are made and designed by others. So if you want to impress someone, you can design a gift box out of the box, and just think freely and then design freely, but HOW? That is the point, here I am going to post a tutorial. Enjoy and make one for your friend, or make many for your friends.

Step 1: Step One

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draw your structure, use wisely of all the tools, do not be panic, you can have a try before doing seriously, very simple to master

Step 2: Step Two

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check your structure, this step can make sure your box can be folded, thus you can pack your presents.There are two ways for checking: one is quick 3D to identify all the faces; the other is 3D blank sample to see whether it can be folded

Step 3: Step Three

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 define your own folding way, you can define the folding orders of your box, just make sure it can be folded

Step 4: Step Four

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 import the artwork with texture function, such as: company logo, product picture, your images. The imported artwork can be one or several at one time.

Step 5: Step Five

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view the 3D rendering effect, the 3D effect can be large, can be small, and you can view the whole 3D folding process. 


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