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       Many people have never done glass painting before. This is an easy project to throw together before a party for a custom look all your own. For this project, Roth Brewing donated all the glassware, however you can also pick up inexpensive glassware from Dollartree, Target, Walmart, and most other retail locations. Generally the cost is $1 per glass. The cool part is this is fairly low tech so it's easy to do on a week night for a memorable party. I recommend using Pebeo Vitrea glass pens or paint as it's dishwasher safe and everyone in our group has had really good experiences with using them. They don't really dry out, fade, or crack so we've been able to reuse everything several times which is great because a little paint goes a long way.

Glass paint
Baking Sheet

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Step 1: Wash All Your Glassware

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    Pre-wash all your glassware. You can just put them in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Step 2: Lay out your supplies and Start Painting

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Lay out all your paints and go grab water if necessary. Start painting. Here's a youtube video on how they work. Pebeo paints were designed to mimic the stained glass effect. They're one of my favorite glass paints because they last forever. One of the advantages of these our group has found is they don't do that nasty goo thing that cheap paints do and they're dishwasher safe.

Step 3: Allow the Paint to Dry

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After you finish painting, allow the paint to dry overnight.

Step 4: Bake in the Oven at 325 for 40 Minutes

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Turn the oven on to 325 and preheat it.
Place the glassware on baking sheet.
Cook the glasses for 40 minutes.

Step 5: Allow to Glass to Cool for 2 Hours

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After the glass paint cooks, allow it to cool in the oven. Glass will shatter easily while it is hot so don't touch or move it until it cools. Some people will leave the oven to cool overnight and remove it in the morning. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 6: Voila! Finished! Throw Party!

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Alright, you have custom bar ware! Go have a party and drink some fun! Yeah!