How to Design Your Own Fabric (in Gimp)

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For my sister's upcoming baby shower, we have decided on a cupcake theme.  Unfortunately, all cupcake party supplies seem to have HAPPY BIRTHDAY written all over them.  So, it is a given that a lot of the decorations and what not will be handmade.  
To get the fabric I would need to make the things, like banners, napkins, tablecloths, etc. I am using my new favorite website, .  
You design your own fabric, they print it, you get it.  It is amazingly high quality, and somewhat fast.  The only downside is the cost (starting at $18 a yard) is more than I normally spend on fabric.
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Step 1: Open File in Gimp

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I like to use Gimp for photo editing because it's easy, and FREE to download.

You can download it here:

Spoonflower wants uploads to be at 150 dpi.  So, under "FILE" at the top of the page, click on "NEW."  When the box comes up, you determine the size.  I want my image to be a 2 inch square.  Under advanced options, you need to change it to 150 dpi.  That means 2 inches on the computer will be 2 inches on the fabric.

Step 2: Background Color

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Using the Bucket Fill tool, select a color and click inside your square to change the color.

Step 3: Open the "Pattern" Image

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Under "FILE" at the top, click on "OPEN AS LAYER."  For my pattern I am using a cupcake that I purchased in a pack at Peppermint Creative.  You can view their kits here:

The cupcake is much bigger than the 2 X 2 square, so I had to scale the layer.  When I first opened the layer, all I could see were the sprinkles on the cupcake.  On the top under the "LAYER" tag click on scale layer.  I know that by square is 2X2, so the biggest side can be no bigger than 2 inches.  As long as the little lock is closed it will stay in proportion.  Then click Scale.
It might be a bit late to help, but you can find novelty quilt fabrics with cupcakes on them that don't say Happy Birthday. Robert Kaufman has a line of very charming cupcake prints.

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