How to Design a High Powered Rocket




Introduction: How to Design a High Powered Rocket

This will give you an overview of how to design a high powered rocket. This instructable will help you determine what you want to design, and several tips on how to build it.

Step 1: Software

First, you will need to get a good software. I'd recommend Rocksim for this. It's fairly simple and will help you determine if your rocket is stable, what engine you need, and an estimated weight.

Step 2: Design

Next you need to determine what your goal is. If you are carrying a payload, you need to size the rocket accordingly to payload. If you are going for height, you need a light, aerodynamic rocket with a large engine. Keep in mind that engines are more expensive the larger they get. 

Step 3: Design

When designing, make sure the Center of Gravity is in front of the Center of Pressure. This is adjusted by weight.

Step 4: Build

Once you finish design, order the material you need and begin construction. If it is your first rocket keep it simple. Order inexpensive materials that can withstand the forces your rocket may encounter. This is really the simplest overview I can give. If you have any questions about construction feel free to email me at



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