How to Build a DIY CNC Router Machine (Simple and Cheap)


Introduction: How to Build a DIY CNC Router Machine (Simple and Cheap)

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***NOTE:  I will be adding new  videos as I progress in the build of this CNC DIY Router.

This is my design of a hobby CNC machine that I am planning to build. Instead of buying a new one or from a kit, I'm basing it on a 3-axis drawer slide design that uses stepper motors and threaded rods as the actuators, and runs via inexpensive stepper drivers controlled by an Arduino UNO unit.

I am currently in the process of building this, and hope to offer step-by-step videos and Instructables tutorials along the way, and on my blog, called (for the CNC posts, visit here)

I'm hoping to use it for several projects I have down the road--perhaps even to cut pieces for them!  I want to use it for cutting wood, metal, plastic, foam, and maybe even for cutting intricate pieces into meat (just kidding).



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    Update: I just received my stepper motors yesterday, and plan to pick up most of my materials today or tomorrow. I'll be adding a materials list and some dimensions very soon!

    My most recent post includes the gantry I added that will support both the y-axis and the z-axis plate that will hold the router, plasma cutter, or even 3D extruder head up and down on my homemade diy cnc.

    Here is the link


    looks great, I'am still working on my CNC, the design is almost the same as yours. What kind of motor drivers are you using? I'am using easydrivers, they are very cheap.

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    I haven't purchased the drivers yet. Are you using the easydrivers with an arduino? Did you buy 'em from Ebay, or somewhere like Adafruit?


    Yes I'm using the easydriver with an arduino. I bought them on Ebay, and they are working fine.

    Just purchased three easydrivers from Ebay--total cost (with free shipping) = $26.00 USD