Introduction: How to Design and Make a Penny Spiral

Making a penny spiral without adhesive, that just plain looks awesome.

You can also use this tutorial to make spirals out of any other currency as well.

Remember: if your creation falls over, don't get mad, you'll just end up wrecking it even more.

Step 1: Start the Spiral.

Easy enough. Find a good place to start, that's a bit out of the way. Aquire a large amount of coins, and get started.

Once you have laid your first coin down, think to yourself, "Do I really have little enough of a life to start working on this?"

Step 2: Build Outward.

Now, build outward, because a stack of pennies isn't all too exciting unless it looks good.
I chose to use a hexagon, because of personal prefrence, but you can do whatever shape you want as long as you can have a focal point.

Step 3: Build Up, Or, If You're Not Satisfied, Keep Building Out.

You could start building up here, but what fun is that?

Step 4: Attatch Pennies to the Outer Ring.

Like so:

Step 5: Start Building Up!

Start building up by rotating the image slowly. After a while, once you're satisfied with the spiral's height, take a picture then build a different one. Have fun.


Sunny124613 made it! (author)2008-07-16

I know someone who can make spiral napkin stacks

iq_abyss made it! (author)2008-03-08

I didn't have many coins of a single denomination, so I used all of the coins I had.
BTW: The Universe In a Nutshell is a great book (so is it's author-Stephen Hawking.)

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theque made it! (author)2007-06-18

some kind of glue that dissolves in water: elmers glue right? nearly everyone has that around, if not its like $1 at any department store

austin made it! (author)2006-08-15

i think ill doo this with superglue and make a tall one

hooloovoo33 made it! (author)hooloovoo332007-01-04

use some kinda glue that dissolves in water.....then you can always take it apart later.....

zachninme made it! (author)2006-08-21

Can't you just put duct tape (or electrical) over the flash? Or even just cover it with your hand! You could probably have it spiral more...

bigpinecone made it! (author)bigpinecone2006-11-13

covering it with your hand makes the picture red...

austin made it! (author)2006-08-15

turn off the flash

paper warrior made it! (author)paper warrior2006-10-22


Joe857 made it! (author)2006-08-17

It's not mine, actually, it's my brothers, and I don't want to mess with it. :-/

Joe857 made it! (author)2006-08-16

My camera's flash dosen't turn off. I might be able to cover up the flash and take the picture in daytime, but still. You don't need a picture to show you how to do this, it's rather easy, it just takes alot of patience. I'm sure I misread your post, but if you look, it says: "spiral without adhesive," ...Either that or you were replying to ausitn. Whatever.

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