How to Design and Make a Penny Spiral

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Introduction: How to Design and Make a Penny Spiral

Making a penny spiral without adhesive, that just plain looks awesome.

You can also use this tutorial to make spirals out of any other currency as well.

Remember: if your creation falls over, don't get mad, you'll just end up wrecking it even more.

Step 1: Start the Spiral.

Easy enough. Find a good place to start, that's a bit out of the way. Aquire a large amount of coins, and get started.

Once you have laid your first coin down, think to yourself, "Do I really have little enough of a life to start working on this?"

Step 2: Build Outward.

Now, build outward, because a stack of pennies isn't all too exciting unless it looks good.
I chose to use a hexagon, because of personal prefrence, but you can do whatever shape you want as long as you can have a focal point.

Step 3: Build Up, Or, If You're Not Satisfied, Keep Building Out.

You could start building up here, but what fun is that?

Step 4: Attatch Pennies to the Outer Ring.

Like so:

Step 5: Start Building Up!

Start building up by rotating the image slowly. After a while, once you're satisfied with the spiral's height, take a picture then build a different one. Have fun.



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    I know someone who can make spiral napkin stacks

    I didn't have many coins of a single denomination, so I used all of the coins I had.
    BTW: The Universe In a Nutshell is a great book (so is it's author-Stephen Hawking.)

    SD card 030.JPGSD card 032.JPG

    some kind of glue that dissolves in water: elmers glue right? nearly everyone has that around, if not its like $1 at any department store

    i think ill doo this with superglue and make a tall one

    use some kinda glue that dissolves in water.....then you can always take it apart later.....

    Can't you just put duct tape (or electrical) over the flash? Or even just cover it with your hand! You could probably have it spiral more...

    covering it with your hand makes the picture red...

    turn off the flash

    It's not mine, actually, it's my brothers, and I don't want to mess with it. :-/