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I am undeniably a night person. I admit it, I love the night. One reason being I find the dark of night somewhat relaxing and so most of my time awake is at night. However, sometimes I do need some light and for that I have a desk lamp. Recently though it's brightness has been more bother sum than helpful so I decided that need to change and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Fix


  • Lamp
  • Rag
  • Thick rubber band

All you have to do is follow the video and you should be fine, it's an easy fix. :)

Step 2: Before and After

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The pictures don't do the the product justice. The light is a lot less harsh and less localized. The rag helped in spreading the light over a larger area which can be seen really well when you look at the color of the wood in the before and after shot.

Step 3: Precaution

You probably know this but just in case, light bulbs can get HOT. So with that in mind try to make sure that 1) the rag doesn't overheat the lamp by not allowing such heat to escape and 2) that the rag isn't touching the lamp as it may cause it to burn (I learned that the hard way when I got my stuffed animal webkin stuck in a light ;) ).

Other then that, enjoy your newly dimmed lamp.


Do not try this with halogen lamps.


Time_and_Turning (author)2016-08-12

This is a fine idea; photographers have been filtering their lights since they became available. But:

This is a fire hazard. Compact Fluorescents run cooler than incandescents, but still generate enough heat to be uncomfortable to touch (45-50degrees C) and that will, given enough time, ignite the towel/filter.

Do not try this with halogen lamps, even with infrared absorbing glass.

Not gonna lie I had to look up how hot 50 degrees Celsius was and ya that is definitely not pleasant to touch. I'll make sure to update this pronto. thanks :)

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