Introduction: How to Dip-Dye Your Hair With Kool-Aid

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Hi everyone, This Instructable is on How to Dip-Dye your Hair with Kool-Aid. Yep, Kool-Aid! Odd isn't it? However, using Kool-Aid to dye your hair, as strange as it may sound, is a great, inexpensive way to dip-dye your hair, and it lasts a long time! When I first did it, it lasted a good 4 months without fading much.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

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You will need:

Kool-Aid (obviously! :D) I used one packet of tropical punch for a bright red/pink color.

A small pot

A mug

A hairbrush

Hair ties

Plastic Spoon (not pictured)

Note: I only used one packet of Kool-Aid because my hair is naturally blonde, if your hair is darker you may need more packets of Kool-Aid. Also, it depends on the color you are using. Also, dying your hair with Kool-Aid will last a long time, at least for me it did!

Step 2: Choosing the Pieces of Hair

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It's time to choose the pieces of hair you are going to dye. You can dip-dye all the ends of your hair, or you can do some of the ends like I chose to do. I tied the pieces I wanted dyed with a hair tie. In the pictures, you can see my hair is already a little red/pink, that is because I've dyed it before with Kool-Aid. It faded a bit so I am dyeing it again to make it brighter. :-)

Step 3: Boiling the Kool-Aid

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Now we're ready to bring the Kool-Aid to a boil! I poured the Kool-Aid into a small pot and added water. I did not do a specific measurement of water. Once the water is added into the pot of Kool-Aid, stir it with a plastic spoon!

Put the pot of Kool-Aid on the stove, set the heat to high. Put the cover on and wait for it to boil.

Be careful using the stove.

Step 4: Dying Your Hair!

Picture of Dying Your Hair!

Once the Kool-Aid has boiled, pour it into your mug. Be careful, the Kool-Aid may stain your counter! Leave your hair in the Kool-Aid for about 5-7 minutes. I left my hair in the Kool-Aid for about 2-3 minutes, since it has already been dyed with Kool-Aid. Time may vary depending on your hair color. Pat your hair dry with a paper towel, then brush it out.

After you have dyed your hair, quickly dry it and your good to go!

Note: On the first day, stay away from rain or swimming. The color will bleed until you wash it. I usually wash mine by the end of the day that I dyed it.

Step 5: The Result! :)

Picture of The Result! :)

After you've done all those steps, you should have really cool colored hair! Yay!

I added some pictures of what my hair looks like, and also a before and after picture.



ACIDxCOBRA made it! (author)2016-04-11

It useful for everyone!

BriSwims (author)ACIDxCOBRA2017-02-15

that is so cool, I am going to r it out on my brother

Coolloom (author)2015-06-28

Is this permanent

BriSwims (author)Coolloom2017-02-15

no this is not permenant it will onl last up to some months not a year or so

creativity123 (author)Coolloom2015-06-29

It is permanent in the sense that shampooing will not remove it. You may be able to research a method of removal with vinegar, I am not sure how that works. Otherwise, just wait for it to grow out. Hope this was helpful.

Coolloom (author)creativity1232015-06-29

Thank u

ACIDxCOBRA (author)Coolloom2016-04-11

You can also go swimming and chloride should wash it out

BriSwims (author)2017-02-15

Thank u for your instructions creativity123 i really need them

BeckyS90 (author)2016-09-26

im doing this method right now. im hoping it works. i have dark brown hair. and its thick so im trying to leave it in longer. like 20 minutes. ill post a picture if it works for me

leahblackwolf made it! (author)2016-06-10

I did it for 20 minutes because I did a lighter color. But when I took a shower it washed out alot

You weren't supposed to take a shower or get it wet with anything! It said it in the instructions.

figureskater223 (author)2016-07-28

I works really well! I just tried it!

Neepha made it! (author)2016-06-23

I did this with my daughter's hair and it turned out great. IRL it looks like the ends of her hair are on fire. We divided her hair into 6 sections with a hair tie 3 inches from the end for each, and then let each section sit in hot red kool aid for 5 minutes.

Mysterious_Gal (author)2016-06-20

I tried this and it lasted for 10 months

Chole Marquez (author)2015-10-05

I do it every week❤️?It's cute!

wow I don't have the time to do that!

leahblackwolf (author)2016-06-05

I've looked at many recipes for Kool-aid hair dye but this is the best method so I decided I should use this out of the 10 or so others!!

Carleyy (author)2015-08-10

Who knew you could do this with coolaid! Very cool!

it's koolaid

IWISHICOULDBEMARGO (author)2016-01-06

that looks AWESOME I am definitely going to try it!!!

DiamondG3 (author)2015-11-27

hey my hair is red and i tried purple but it didn't work :( so i was wondering what colors would be best ( i think i will try blue )

Hufflerpuffler1233 (author)2015-10-13

That is so cute I think I might do that with a blue dye??

101kallie (author)2015-09-07

My friend did it and it looked so cool but I never did it. But I will.

Rebeccamaysenn1 (author)2015-08-28

Love the idea I think I'm gonna make a easy back to school hairstyles step by step

zeyanimisbah (author)2015-08-15

wow i never thought of this, awesome instructable, congrats on making it to the finalists xx

ashleyjlong (author)2015-08-14

I tried doing this with blue kool-aid when I was 13 and didn't get much of a result. I should take another crack at it with red or purple to see if my hair is more receptive now. Yours looks great!

momoluv (author)2015-08-14

great job, oldie, but a goodie! I'm also a finalist in the beauty contest, hope you get an awesome prize! Very nice job.

Mysterious_Gal (author)2015-07-13

How long does it last?

DoğanT (author)2015-07-08

OMG. So cute

Ali_So3 (author)2015-07-04

Love it

mholcomb1 (author)2015-07-03

A tip I was told, if you're going to do more than your tips ( like all of your hair ) it's a good idea to put Vaseline on your forehead, neck, ears, etc because the kool-aid will dye your skin. And it's best to let someone do it for you.

Very cool! Have you tried other colors? I've heard of dying yarn with kool aid but not hair! It looks great!

ForTheLoveOfFood (author)2015-06-29

what exactly is kool aid?

ThisIsMyNameOK (author)2015-06-28

Very cool idea. I never would have thought of it. It makes sense that it would work though. I spilled some kook aid type mix on myself once when I worked in a restaurant and my arm was blue for a week.

My hair is too dark for it to work, no matter how many packs I use, unless I bleach it first and I don't like to do that. But maybe someday.

Abigail08 (author)2015-06-28

I've heard Kool-Aid is bad for your hair and you have to cut it out, so my parents didn't let me do this:/ but it looks great on you!

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