How to Disassemble IKEA SEKOND Lamp Cord Set




Introduction: How to Disassemble IKEA SEKOND Lamp Cord Set

If you're into DIY lighting, the IKEA SEKOND lamp cord set is awesome for a variety of lighting projects. It only costs $10 and comes in different colors.

Taking it apart is easy and once you see this 1 minute video, the lamp making possibilities will be endless.

Step 1: Release the Tabs

As with any electrical work, make sure the lamp cord isn’t plugged in while doing this.

Start by unscrewing the plastic ring from the socket.

Use a a tiny flat head screwdriver to lift and release the plastic tabs so you can pull the socket away.

Step 2: Release the Wires

Insert a mini screwdriver into the opening (as show in the picture) and push down. While holding the screwdriver pressed down, pull out the black wire from the socket. Repeat for the white wire.

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