Step 6: Remove the Forearm

Push the forearm forward
<p>Excellent instructions and focus on safety. May I ask how the magazine tube is removed? I don't yet own a 500 but plan to in the near future, and for my purposes (clay shooting) I want to remove the dowel placed in the tube that limits it's capacity to be legal for hunting.</p>
<p>In some cases you can hunt with the dowel removed. Check your local laws but here in Texas you can hunt quail with the dowel out and have that extra shell, which I usually need for those tricky birds! But for migratory birds, dove, ducks, etc you have to put the dowel back in. So know your laws and be safe out there! Happy hunting! </p>
<p>I'm not sure if you still need this, but the dowel is easily removed when the barrel is off. Point the muzzle end down, and the dowel comes out the threaded hole at the end where the barrel fastens to. Easy.</p>
<p>Great instructions. But I have a model 500A and cannot get the trigger group to come out as shown. I have the pin all the way out, the bot is positioned half way in the port as shown but the trigger assemble will not tilt from the front and come out. It seems to be caught on something but I can't see what. Any ideas? Thanks!</p>
<p>Barnowl</p><p>With the components on the bench, is there any benefit in polishing the components before re assembly? Would polishing aid to a smoother action?</p>
Having owned one of these for many years, and knowing how easy it is to do, I must ask; Is there a specific reason you did not remove the magazine?
Your tutorial worked like a champ, it took all the guess work out. I was able to disassemble in less then 10 minutes give or a take a few. Thanks again.
Great detailed breakdown, good work!
Awesome! Thank you for showing how to safely work with this weapon.

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