Recently I have became unemployed. The first week was fun, the second week got boring, and in the third weeks I started doing things. First I aluminum coated my roof, then re-carpeted the house. I got the big things done and shortly there after I was back to week two: bored out of my mind. To ease the boredom I began to "tinker" around. I put a fresh coat of paint on my laptop so logically the next thing was my cell phone. I googled and googled about "mods" for the Razr and found plenty. However, I never really found a guide for disassembling one, or preparing it to be painted. I even searched Instructables and much to my dismay.... nothing. I decided since my contract was up on my phone in 3 months and they will let me out 2 months early I will go in blindly and if I break my phone I will be phoneless for a month. If I succeed then I would make and ible.

Camera in hand it was time to start.

Step 1: Tools

Reason states if you're tearing something apart, your going to need tools. If you are planning on tearing apart your Razr I suggest you have these tools Figure 1:

1 Regular Screwdriver
1 T5 Screwdriver
1 T6 Screwdriver

I also suggest a bowl to put your lose parts in as you go. If you don't have a T5 or T6 screwdriver don't fret, I didn't have one either. I spent most of my Tuesday afternoon hunting them down. I had no problem finding all the T# screwdrivers about the number 8. Here are some tips to get your hands on some T5 and T6's.
1) RadioShack. My local normally carries them... I just happen to want one when they were out of stock <5$
2) Ace Hardware. The had the T# screwdrivers there but only as small at the T10. You may have better luck. <3$
A) Automotive. If you can't find it at RadioShack or your local hardware go down to your automotive parts store. That's where I found my set (ouch 13$)
Blue) You're looking for a screwdriver to tear apart cell phones.... Go to your provider or your providers competition. <4$ but would have to order.
<p>Hi i want to buy the motorola droid razr so iwanted to ask you if it is a good phone or not </p>
Thank you so much for this instructable. I dropped my phone and my caller ID lens cracked. With this I was able to fix my phone myself rather than buy a new phone or pay someone to fix it for me :3 <br> <br>A good place to buy T5 screwdrivers is on eBAY or Amazon. I got a 16 piece screwdriver kit for $6 on Amazon brand new.

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