Step 3: Lower Shell

There are two halves of the 360 outer casing. The bottom shell is held on by front and rear plastic locks. We will use a 360 opening tool to pop the locks and small flathead screwdrivers to release the front locks. Everything gets lifted apart at the same time.

Rear Locks
If you do not have a 360 opening tool, you can measure the distance of the locks and create your own with a CD spindle cover and scissors. If you are using a flat-head screwdriver use one hand to continually pull the two halves apart, otherwise some locks will re-engage.

There are seven rear locks, and with the Llamma opening tool line up the pins into their respective locks and press down. When you've used enough pressure you should hear a pop, now you can separate the rear section of the bottom and top shells.

Front Locks
You can use either flathead screwdrivers or paper clips to hold open the locks. All four are popped at the same time, and the lower shell can be removed. You must either cut or peel off the Microsoft warranty sticker on the front of the console, doing so will void your warranty. The stickers have a residue that keeps them from being put back on cleanly. If you have a metal sticker are care about the warranty, read below. If you have one of the new paper stickers, there is no effective way to remove it without Microsoft knowing.

Metal Film Trick
For a metal-film sticker a hair-dryer can be used on high for about 10-15 seconds to make this adhesive melt, and peel off the sticker carefully and slowly with a razor blade to remove the sticker without leaving behind the metal residue. This trick can be useful for having a system that has been opened repaired by Microsofts repair service. I've heard of many users who have attempted to fix a RRoD themselves and failed, if a DVD drive is modified with iXtreme a user can reflash it to stock, and as long as the sticker is intact the very rushed employees at Microsoft's repair centers aren't likely to check for other minor signs of tampering.
 I'm having a really hard time with the rear locks, and I have to use a small flathead. Any extra advice?
QuackMasterDan (author)  SabreLightning5 years ago
Pop off the two above the power plug first, and use force to keep the two halves of the shell separated. Don't just push into each lock by itself, you need force prying (not too hard though) apart the shells, so after each pops, it remains unlocked.