Picture of How to Disassemble the ASUS Transformer TF101 Keyboard Dock
This tutorial will guide you through how to disassemble the ASUS Transformer TF101 keyboard dock. 

The tools you will need are: 

-    T-5 Torx screwdriver
-    Smaller sized phillips head screwdriver
-    Pocket knife or plastic case separating tool

There are only 4 different types of screws in this unit. 2 of which are the well machined torx screws on the hinged portion, 2 underneath the rear feet of the unit, however many hold on the PCB inside the unit and 4 phillips screws on the bottom inside of the hinged portion. So clear of an area on your table and lets get started. 

Step 1: Removing the bottom

Picture of Removing the bottom
There are two phillips head screws underneath the two rear rubber feet of the unit. Just stick your knife underneath them and easily pry them off. Notice how the bottom of each pad has a circle that contains either an R or an L for Right or Left hand. Also notice that each pad has a notch in it. When you are putting the pads back on make sure that the notch on the rubber pad matches with the notch on the bottom of the unit, also make sure that the screws interlock with the circles on each pad. 

After removing the screws carefully pry the bottom plate off. I started from the right rear corner (with the unit bottom up) and used my pocket knife to gently pry the bottom plate off. You'll need to go back and forth between both sides in order to get it mostly removed. You'll then need to gently slide the knife between the outer metal casing and the plastic bottom plate on the front of the unit in order to completely remove the bottom portion. Be careful, there are two ribbon cables connecting the bottom portion to the top portion. One cable is for the keyboard, the other is for the track pad. 
preginald21 days ago

My keyboard dock no longer indicates that I've connected the power cord nor does it charge. Would someone recommend the best way to make sure that my existing battery is indeed faulty and incapable of recharging? I want to basically troubleshoot and make sure I know if replacing with a new battery will fix my problem.

The keyboard, touchpad, usb and SD card functions perfectly.

d3xt3r013 years ago
I wonder, what was the default ? to the left or to the right ? ( in the first image of step 4 )

The switch in question has printed on it "DIP". the default "on" position is when the switch is closest to the "D". Interestingly, the tablet also has a similar switch that I assume is for the same purpose.

anticommander (author)  d3xt3r013 years ago
I believe I took the picture before I messed with the switch so I would say that to the right is the default position. I'm positive, though, that the correct position is whichever position the switch is on.
Yeah, wish I knew wich one is "on" :)
anticommander (author)  d3xt3r013 years ago
Pull out the trusty multimeter and do a continuity check :D I'm pretty positive to the right (as depicted) is the on position
Nick_Goldman7 months ago

Thanks very much for this. Great that people go to the trouble to help others. This was really useful, and I was able to dislodge some dust and get my 'T' key working again! Nick Goldman

hello I have a trouble when I writting in my keyboard push a button and repeat the same key many time.... I don't know why. I need sometime push another button for stop this... Is not all buttons are only the QRYUOP and Enter

Please can you help me. Thank you---

dboon1 year ago

If any of you do not feel comfortable doing this then i highly recommend this site to do it for you.


Matrix_II1 year ago
Grazie! mi sei stato di molto aiuto.
Thanks for doing this i was wondering want was in it. Do you know what battery is used in the keyboard? I might add some lights and an extra battery to mine.