Introduction: How to Disassemble/Re-assemble Thompson Center Venture Bolt

I spent quite a while after purchasing my T/C Venture in .308 caliber trying to figure out how to take the bolt completely apart.  However, the manual doesn't tell you how and they tell you not to disassemble further than the manual states.  This doesn't work for me because I needed to clean the packing grease they use for shipment out of the inside of the bolt from the firing pin spring.  So, I had to look through the T/C Icon manual online (it has the same bolt) and they tell you how to disassemble that one and even include the tool with the Icon.  So, here's my tutorial on how to take apart the bolt of the T/C Venture.

**WARNING: T/C does not recommend disassembling your weapon further than your users manual says to.  I will not be held responsible for any damages you may do to your rifle from not following these instructions properly.  By following this instructable, you do so at your own risk.**

Step 1: Step 1. Remove the Bolt

First you need to remove the bolt from the weapon.  To do this, pull the bolt all the way to the rear, then press the bolt release on the left side of the rifle, and then pull it out of the weapon.

Step 2: Step 2. Uncocking the Bolt

Next, you need to uncock the bolt to un-compress the firing pin spring.  To do this, get something to give you a good grip, and twist the back end of the bolt to the right.  Once done, the back end will no longer protrude and you will also notice the firing pin sticking out the front of the bolt face.

Step 3: Step 3. Removing the Cocking Lever

For this next step, since T/C doesn't include the tool needed, you will need to find a flat surface.  I used my counter to help.  You will need to look at the back end of the bolt.  Remember the part that was protruding?  Place your bolt up against the counter or whatever you selected but only place the outer ring up against it (see picture).  Press the bolt up against the counter firmly and pull the cocking lever out of the bolt.

Step 4: Step 4. Remove the Firing Pin & Firing Pin Spring

Once the cocking lever is removed, the rest of the internal components (the firing pin and spring) can be pulled right out of the bolt.  Clean and lubricate everything very well and then move to the next step for re-assembly.

Step 5: Step 5. Place the Firing Pin Back In

Slide the firing pin and spring back inside the bolt with the notches lined up.  It will go in flush.

Step 6: Step 6. Place the Cocking Lever In

See the dot on the cocking lever and the dot on the bolt?  The cocking lever's dot needs to face toward the firing pin's dot once back inside.  It's basically a guide on which way to put it in so you don't mess it up.  Place the cocking lever in the hole of the bolt, dots lined up of course, and then push the bolt against the counter the same way you did for disassembly.  Once compressed, push the cocking lever in all the way and you are done.  Stop pushing against the counter and give a little tug on the cocking lever to make sure it's inserted properly.

Step 7: Step 7. Cocking the Bolt

Once re-assembled, you will need to re-cock the bolt before you can put it back in your rifle.  To do this, get a good grip on it again and twist to the left until it clicks.  Once done, you will see the rear end protruding again and the firing pin will have been charged back into the bolt.

Step 8: Step 8. Function Check

Place your bolt back into your rifle.  Ride the bolt forward as if there were a round in it (make sure there is not).  Pull the trigger and notice the rear end of the bolt go flush again.  Charge the bolt to the rear again as if chambering another round (once again, not actually chambering one) and ride it forward again.  Notice the rear end will protrude letting you know it is ready to fire.  Pull the trigger again and watch it go flat again.  Your gun is now properly re-assembled and ready for the range.